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Below you can read feedback, from clients who have experienced a sensual massage given by Serena.

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M.I.I. – April 2016

Have been seeing Serena for a very long time now, there’s something about her that you keep wanting to see her again and again. From the moment you walk in the door you feel so comfortable for some reason that’s hard to explain, and the way she sets the mood and make you feel comfortable is unreal. Have always felt tremendously good after seeing her. Had a 4 hand session recently that was another level, Julia compliments Serena really well and the way Serena guides her is brilliant..

A.N. – March 2016

” Paradise, Nirvana and Heaven are for the hereafter, but if you want to sample such a place here on earth, you have to take your body to see Serena and Yulia. You will experience sensations and a closeness that cannot be adequately described in words alone. You have to feel it because of the intensity of the experience. You will find yourself in a place where sensuality and imagination naturally merge. Intimate, enticing, relaxing and pleasurable. A rare treat in a busy, loud, and demanding world. Let yourself relax and learn again to feel being YOU. Serena, magically assisted by Yulia will restore the real vibrant, energetic YOU but first you have to be able to let go. Out of sensuality and imagination these two ladies will re invigorate you and bring out the real you as nature intended “. Very highly recommended by a long standing client.

Mike – March 2016

I am aware that this review may well sound like an ‘old record’ getting stuck on the same message. If that is the case please listen! There is nobody else like Serena and her massage is exceptional! Nothing else like it! The best there is! Why go for the second best when you can have the best? How do I know? Because the first time I saw Serena was over a year ago when on a business trip. I was overwhelmed by her skills then and tried in vane to discover a similar experience elsewhere on my travels. Thankfully, on a further visit to London, I was able to book the longed for repeat visit and I was not disappointed. Serena really is somebody very special in this world and her massage experience will leave you fulfilled in body and uplifted in your spirit. Why people would want to search elsewhere when they have the real thing in London I don’t know. I must remember to ask myself the same question. From my every being, thank you Serena!

Nat – March 2016

Had a simply wonderful, sensual and intimate four hand experience with Serena and Julia.
They both compliment each other very well and it was a delicious session!
I would definitely do it again. Thank you Serena and Julia. x

Bhav – February 2016

I have experienced a number of massages from Serena and can say I have never been to a better practitioner. In the past I have experienced other masseuses who claim to give great tantric and sensual massages but they don’t hold a candle on Serena. She has a fantastic
touch, which she uses elegantly and has a lovely personality to match. I would prefer not to go into the specifics of the massage but all I will conclude by saying If I could go more often I
would as she is simply the best.

Steve – February 2016

Serena is very intuitive, caring and extremely sensuous. From the moment you walk in you have found the space in which to relax and escape life pressures. Great facilities and an excellent massage. A pleasure to connect with her on a spiritual and sensuous level.

Dreamer – January 2016

I had an incredible experience with Serena. And like many amazing things in life it is difficult to express in words. She has such a kind soul, a perfect body, soothing touch like it’s from the heavens… Having had many tantric massages from different therapists I can say that she is at the top of my unforgettable sensual experiences.

Thomas – March 2015

To all who reads this it’s short purposely, I could write many words about the experience the ones that really count is for you just go and try it and you will be one of the luck people who will have visited heaven before your time. Serena is a beautiful caring and intelligent lady who manages in a very short time to reach into your mind and soul. She then cascades this spiritual feeling via her body to yours it is sublime in all ways.

Norman for 4 hands massage – April, 2015

Thank you for a truly extraordinary experience of four hands massage. The combination of sensations from hands, bodies and stones was beyond anything I have ever experienced . More than a massage, it really felt like a journey which left me both calm and energised for days afterwards. Amazing.NC

Jack – July 2015

Serena’s massages turn your body into a musical
orchestra, with instruments you never knew existed
– and she is a master conductor of them all.
Hugely relaxing and enjoyable, thank you!”

Bob – April 2015

When I first read the Inspirational Massage website I was intrigued but cynical about whether it would be quite what was claimed. Anyway I thought I’d give it go. I’m so glad I did. It was incredible. It was the most amazing experience I have had, apart from the birth of my children. Serena is such a beautiful and warm person, she is very welcoming and puts you immediately at ease. What she does is far more than a massage. It is a very tender, emotional and completely fulfilling experience. I didn’t want the session to end and I will certainly be a regular visitor to Serena now. Truly heavenly and those are words I have never used before.

 David – June 2014

I have been seeing Serena on a regular basis for a while now and I have found her to be a friendly, intelligent, warm and very sensual young woman.  A massage with her is always a great pleasure and if you are looking for a top-notch sensual massage, you will certainly get that with Serena.  But more than that, for me this has also been a chance to explore my own sensuality and to learn to enjoy the feelings in my body more deeply and Serena has always been willing and able to help me on my journey.  I cannot recommend Serena strongly enough, if you are looking for something a bit special you will not be disappointed.

Peter – January 2014

The sensual massage appointment I had with Serena was a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience. Serena is very easy to engage with and the pre massage chat shows how much she wants you to enjoy the session. The 90 minutes went by far too quickly. I highly recommend anyone thinking about a sensual experience look no further than Serena.

J, USA – October 2012 (but sent in only in July 2013)

My time spent with Serena was incredible. From the get go things were great – the initial communication about setting up the appointment was so easy, straightforward, and welcoming. Once together, the warm, engaging opening conversation builds a level of comfort and connection that sets a perfect tone for what is to come next. Serena is tremendously sensitive to others and clearly invests a tremendous amount of emotional, personal energy into the massage experience (and it is just that…not merely a massage, but a full experience). She is a truly gifted masseuse, with a perfect balance of soft and firm touch and a well-developed sense of the body. I was in absolute bliss almost right away, and then it is probably fair to say I have never before had such a profoundly sensual experience. In Serena’s hands I was truly able to let go and completely give over to her touch and what is probably best described as a “journey” – peaks and valleys, moments of intensity followed by moments of calm, and an extraordinary build up over 90 minutes. And maybe what really makes it is Serena’s full engagement with the massage. There is nothing mechanical going on here to say the least. It was clear in her touch, her eye contact, the gentle whispering conversation that she was fully engaged and connected with what she was doing with me. Serena is absolutely beautiful and just a fantastic person, and she provides a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Richard – June 2013

This was my first sensual massage experience and what an amazing experience it was. From the start of my visit Serena came across as a very gentle and caring person who really wanted to understand my needs and why I came for a massage. The massage itself gave me incredible feelings and pleasure that I haven’t felt for a long time. It started off very gentle and relaxed, with the pressure and intensity gradually increasing through the massage. At times through the massage I really had to control my breathing as the sensations built up inside me through Serena’s expert touch. The climax at the end was one of the most intense experiences of pleasure I have ever experienced which left me out of breath and with the most amazing feelings. The session exceeded all my expectations. Serena is clearly an expert at what she does and she also seems to genuinely enjoy it and have an interest in you. I will definitely be back.

Anthony – June 2013

” I had the best one and a half hour massage treatment of my life. I was quickly made to feel at ease in luxury surroundings. This is a top quality service, professional, sensual and unbelievably relaxing in a great location. I think it would be very difficult to find a better massage in all of London” T.H.

Mike – April 2013

I had a truly unique and wonderful sensual massage from Serena. I really wasn’t sure what to expect before my appointment but was totally impressed by Serena’s manner, thoughtfulness and professionalism throughout. She made me feel totally relaxed, was very giving of herself and genuinely took pleasure from my enjoyment of the whole experience. I will definitely be back soon.

Robert, March 2013

I would like to thank you so much for being a kind and caring soul. Initially, I was nervous about the session but you made me feel completely comfortable and made me feel very welcomed. Even before the massage began I could feel a tingle in my head, the positive energy you exude onto other people. As soon as it began I could feel I was in capable hands. Every move, every touch, every breath was measured and controlled to make sure I had a fantastic experience. The physical and emotional warmth you showed goes beyond anything I have ever experienced. Eventually, it ultimately built to a climax where I could see in your eyes and felt inside of myself that we truly connected; I was left spiritually, emotionally, and physically drained yet completely refreshed. I will gladly come back when I need to reduce my anxiety, connect with another human being on a spiritual level, and receive unprecedented sensual attention.

James – March 2013

Serena’s warmth, manner and obvious emotional intelligence put me at ease from the moment she greeted me. She proceeded to create an atmosphere that I was able to immerse myself in completely, something I haven’t been able to do for a very long time. Every detail was carefully thought out expressing how much of herself Serena puts into the time she gives to those who come and see her. On one level the session seemed to go very quickly yet on another level time seemed to stretch down due to a combination of touch, murmured encouragement and quiet sounds with sensual movement. Aside from the session Serena was lovely to talk with and the set of apartments reflected the grace with which Serena conducts herself.

Jonathon, London – February 2013

A massage with Serena was an extraordinary experience, one which completely overwhelmed expectation and which I will look back on with fondness for some time. Serena has an incredible talent with a personality founded in warmth and charm, as she gently guides your body and mind through an exceptional journey. It was a sensory feast; ethereal, even profound, and certainly mind blowing. Thank you

Cameron, London – January 2013

Serena’s massage is like no other that I have ever experienced.
Throughout the session, she communicates on three levels:
Physically—with the body … Mentally—with the mind … Spiritually—with the soul.
It is by reaching these three areas that Serena creates an out-of-body experience that is truly sensational. The sensuality of it is indescrbable,enhanced by the atmosphere of warmth, soft music and the most wonderful perfume from scented candles. I highly recommend that you spend some time with Serena,but don’t do it when you are rushed. You will need time to come back to reality after the experience.

Justin, London – December 2012

A sensual massage session with Serena is always a complete joy. Serena always gives me an incredibly warm and friendly welcome, which helps me to relax straight away. And the massage session itself is amazing – it feels like I am taken away to a place of pleasure, comfort, sensuality and eroticism as I am massaged and satisfied by a lovely and beautiful girl. A totally blissful 90 minutes. Thanks Serena

Megatron Member of Punternet – November 2012

Serena’s excellent directions got me to her massage studio with no drama and she met me at the door with a warm welcome. I had booked the 120 minute session, which consists of 90 minutes of massage and up to 30 minutes of preliminary chat. While 30 minutes sounds like a long preamble, once you meet Serena, you realize that she takes her role very seriously and is determined to make the experience as memorable and enjoyable for you as possible. The chat consists of some questions about what you want to get out of the session, your motivations, previous experiences, likes, dislikes etc. I actually really enjoyed the first half hour, because not only is Serena very interesting, but there is something very endearing about her. English is not her first language, but she speaks it much better than she thinks she does. I think that she uses the initial time to calm you down, regulate both your breathing and mind and open you up to the sensation overload that awaits. After the chat it was off for a shower. Don’t be alarmed by the photos of naked men in the bathroom, Serena shares the flat with a male masseur who caters for men too and often gives 4 hands couple massage to more adventurous men. After a quick shower it was back to the massage room and a lie down on the massage table. You can tell that Serena has a background in therapeutic massage because unlike many other masseurs who give either a very soft massage or something very ineffectual, hers was excellent, firm and stimulating. It gradually got more sensual as she made sure she gave lots of attention to the erogenous zones. This evolved into body to body and a nice oily slide before it was time to turn over. Similar treatment for the front but now I could see her and how focused she is on giving you the maximum pleasure. The intensity rose as did the speed and variety of movements, the body to body being especially arousing. Serena is very petite and flexible and can therefore reach the parts other masseuses can’t. She was very good at setting the tempo and gradually raising the intensity until the inevitable happened. She is comfortable with some light respectful touching and seems to genuinely derive pleasure from watching you receive her touch. I found this to be one of the most arousing things of the session. The climax was very powerful but there was something else about it, something intangible, but almost profound about the whole experience. Serena’s massage is about as far from the usual rub and tug as it is possible to be. If you are becoming disillusioned by the offerings in the sensual massage scene, I would recommend a trip to see Serena who will not only give you a fabulous massage but will expand your mind too. Lovely lady and highly recommended.

Chris, London – April 2012

An excellent therapeutic AND intimate massage in a sensuous environment is truly a winning formula. From an excellent website to a range of showergels… Everything is taken care of, especially the client/massage receiver! Thank you!

Martin – March 2012

Serena is beautiful, has a fantastic physique and a lovely, serene personality… she is also an angel of erotic physiology and sensual anatomy. i had never had an erotic massage before and serena provided my perfect first time. it really was incredible, the whole atmosphere, the music, the scent, the mystique. during the massage serena used many different techniques on me and it was so exciting not knowing what sensation or body zone would be stimulated next. and it was also a voyage of discovery as i never realised i could be stimulated in this way before. towards the end i was able to massage serena myself and at this stage the erotic intensity was beautifully unbearable. i honestly don’t know how i lasted so long. when finally serena released me, the orgasm was of an extreme magnitude. one of the best erotic experiences i’ve ever had. i look forward to seeing serena again

Nick – January 2011

Serena has a natural gift of sensuality that few women possess and is able to translate that into a very individually focused massage that will take you to paradise and back

David, New York – August 2010

Really enjoined the time in your hands and I appreciated your great, sexy body. Actually, I think you gave me the best crescendo ever. The experience was excellent

Mark – June 2009

It was so nice to meet you on Saturday. I had gotten a good vibe from the way you wrote about your sessions and from your e-mails but it was truly a wonderful meeting. I thoroughly enjoyed my massage. You have a lovely touch and a sensual mind and nature. The build-up was slow and you brought me up several times. An A class massage!…… I think you have a natural gif