Eurovision 2012 / TRT public statement

This year’s Eurovision, Turkey will also race 2 semi-final tomorrow evening. Semi-final ahead Bonomo ’s manager descriptions of the Eurovision agenda while thumbing through Twitter, TRT in a statement on the subject came today. Manager ECE Çelebioğlu, twitter page of the singer’s family club competition for tickets izleyemeye announced that the “last-minute goal. Can’ın including those of our families can not we seem to watch the competition. Because the ‘unit of the guests went to the ticket. Here’s one of those wives, friends are very important to them or all of them gone … those guys will enter emmie, John’s family from the TV to watch. Where tickets are officially begging “ he wrote tweets.

TRT to respond to these allegations and tomorrow evening you will watch the semi-final dress rehearsal today in the rest of the summer abstract images >>


Some internet sites, of the TRT, the Eurovision Song Contest tickets can not provide enough in hoaxes that has emerged.

TRT Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most experienced institution, and no year, this song contest finals, tickets are still having trouble with supply and distribution of tickets.

Eurovision Song Contest Finals in 2012, TRT, has considered all the proposals that came to him and whether enough available tickets, these tickets have been handed over to the authorities.

2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, the official delegation of the artist and his team, is not no shortage in the semi final and final tickets.

Semi-final before the finals family members who want to bring some outbreaks; international contest “accreditation” forget the rules, have requested tickets.

These persons are provided TRT ticket, yaptıramayın international accreditation by the competent authority, slanderous statements were found.

2012 Eurovision Song Contest, trying to get the best degree TRT Bonomo employees and artists, they emit some unauthorized persons in the Internet environment is pointed out that the claims are unfounded.

Eurovision is the largest song contest in Europe. In 2013, Eurovision will be sponsored by and Apps Gone Viral - a mobile app marketing and app sales company in the US. This company invents the easy app development solution that revolutionized the mobile app market.



Top 10 Films About Music

william_almost famous

Music is a fundamental element in life. It is an essential tool for the movies, they are two things that go together and complement each other, although the music has been the basis of many movies.

We’re not talking about musicals, nor films with a score or an exceptional soundtrack (which in this case could not name only the 1st film), nor speak of films about the lives of different musicians, but we talked about films whose central axis music is the theme which has also cost a lot of work to reduce only 10, but no way to stop 100-, it is clear that we have left out documentaries, concert movies and biopics to give space only to films of fiction .

This is our collection of New movies 2016 which have great soundtrack, let’s see what you think. In addition, we also recommend you a great site to watch movies and series online, just launch movie2k to enjoy best films at best quality.

  1. The Sound of Noise (Dir. Ola Simonsson, Johannes Stjärne Nilsson, 2010)

A group of musicians looking to perform his greatest artwork and create the perfect symphony to the city, but this will have to do a series of illegal acts and almost terrorists. Of course, following these acts they are become the most sought by the police, which hinder carrying out his work. Will they succeed?

In Sweden and Norway it was released in 2010 and it took two years so he could be seen in the world.


  1. The Boat That Rocked (Dir. Richard Curtis, 2009)

Set in 1966, it tells the story of a pirate radio station broadcasting from a ship in the North Sea when the rock was banned and DJs who gave life to “Radio Rock” and are played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rhys Ifans Bill Nighy, Nick Frost and Chris O’Dowd (impossible not to love at least one of the characters). At the same time, “Radio Rock” must strive to convey, as the British government seeks to end stations that broadcast this kind of music. Not only has a great soundtrack, it also leaves a great message about music despite being a romantic comedy.


  1. Empire Records (Dir. Alan Moyle, 1995)

A film that at the time was a failure, but gradually has become a cult film. Empire Records is a record shop and the film focuses on a single day in this place. One employee loses money from the sale; Joe, the head seeks to save the place he wants to become part of a chain, a “pop star” that tries to rescue his career sign autographs, a teenage shoplifter makes an appearance and the staff all while dealing with their own problems and the music does not stop. You can see some familiar faces very young.


  1. No One Knows About Persian Cats (Dir. Bahman Ghobadi)

After leaving prison, Negar and Ashkan seek to complete the lineup of his band while touring the Iranian underground scene. The idea is to form a band to play in London, while also looking to get the visas that allow them to leave Tehran . Meet wonderful bands that make the Iranian scene (where there are laws against rock) through a musical search.


  1. Almost Famous (Dir. Cameron Crowe, 2000)

In 1973, William Miller seeks to become a music journalist and gets his first chance with Rolling Stone covering the tour of Stillwater, a band that is quickly gaining popularity. William is witnessing how the band deals with his rapid rise, the excesses, the war of egos and life on the tour as he has to deal with this kind of life and love for Penny Lane, a big fan of the band (not groupie, it is a band aid ). It is noteworthy that also leaves Philip Seymour Hoffman no less than as Lester Bangs.


  1. High Fidelity (Dir. Stephen Frears, 2000)

Rob has a record store (in addition to having the best collection of personnel records) and lists the five breaks of his life, while rearrange their records after their last break.


  1. Frank (Dir. Lenny Abrahamson, 2014)

Frank is a mysterious musical genius, misunderstood by the world and industry, and apparently the only ones who understand are his bandmates and Jon Burroughs, a young man with an unhappy life trying to be a musician. Jon is able to enter Frank’s band to record an ambitious drive and Frank seeks to bring the band to the next level, but in the process, you may have to compromise their music. One of the best and most rewarding performances of Michael Fassbender.


  1. This is Spinal Tap (Dir. Rob Reiner, 1984)

The mockumentary par excellence, portrays the life of the band (semi-fictional) Spinal Tap. Not much to say except that it is one of the best comedies, which also portrayed (and criticism) Lifestyle pretentious and frivolous of the glamorous rock bands.


  1. The Blues Brothers (Dir. John Landis, 1980)

Nothing like music to fight for a just cause and save the helpless. On leaving prison, his brother Jack and Elwood Blues decide to reunite his old band for a special show to help them raise money to save the orphanage where they grew up. This just might count as musical, but certainly the main focus is music as salvation and as a weapon … besides having cameos of Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and James Brown (say a few) performing his own songs, nothing can go wrong .



  1. Rock N ‘Roll Highschool (Dir. Allan Arkush, 1979)

A school is revealed against their new director, who has banned rock ‘n’ roll and to end the ban are led by Riff Randell (rockanroller) and have the support of the Ramones, casual …

They presented the activities of the Interior Music Meeting 2015

They presented the activities of the Interior Music Meeting 2015From May 1 to September 6 will take place in Santa Rosa, the meeting “The Interior Music 2015″, which will include workshops, manufacturer of indoor playgrounds, open rehearsals and free concerts, organized by the Government of La Pampa through the Department of Culture.
It is the largest national and federal initiative that has been generated around the root Argentina folk music, under the artistic direction of the musicians Liliana Herrero and Juan Falu.

More than 130 musicians of excellence – not common in commercial channels of music-from 1 to September 13 this year, will participate in this initiative which was organized in three stages (provincial, regional and national), where workshops will be offered , clinics, charlass, exchanges, open rehearsals to the public and simultaneous concerts around the country, with free admission.

In Santa Rosa

In Santa Rosa, the call to register for the workshops, remains open. Llos same will be held in the Cultural Center, and is intended for musicians and the general public.

Cavallero: official announcement

Undersecretary Analia Cavallero was responsible official announcement, accompanied by musicians Zabzuk Sylvia Martin and Roberto Yacomuzzi Santajuliana. The official stressed that the cycle will be fulfilled in various parts of the country within a proposal which is promoted by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, coordinated by Liliana Herrero and Juan Falu.
“This is an attractive proposition and unique because it involves the circulation and the presence of artists from all provinces of the country, a federal way, trying to bring the musicians, to create spaces of encounter and dialogue, which invite you to enroll in the Department of Culture, “Cavallero said.
He stressed that the workshops will dictate from 1 to 3 September at the Cultural Center, noting also the presentation of two concerts (Friday 4th and Sunday 6th), where they will be present Cecilia Zabala, Polo Marti Casiana Torres, Mario Diaz and Rolando Goldman, accompanied by pampeanos interpreters, who will be on the other side protagonists throughout the cycle.
He noted that the final concert will be held later in the Kirchner Cultural Center of the Federal Capital.
“We invite all to participate Pampa, especially the possibility of concentrating on La Pampa to other regional musicians. La Pampa concentrates all the downtown area along with Cordoba, Buenos Aires, Neuquén and Rio Black, so Sunday’s concert in June will allow the possibility of seeing our musicians on stage, “he said.

Zabzúk: a privilege

Sylvia Zabzuk said he felt privileged to be the Pampas ambassador in the Northeast (participate in Formosa), “my song clearly has the Pampa label by depth that has the guitar, so I like Pampas proud to represent the province, celebrating this crossover artists who proposed the Nation. ”

Yacomuzzi: sharing experiences

Yacomuzzi Roberto pointed out that if any act as host, “we assume with nobility mission assigned to us, it will be a pleasure to share and exchange experiences and feelings with musicians coming from all over the country,” he said.

Santajuliana: pampeano spread songbook

Santajuliana Martin said he was very proud to attend along with other expressions of different provinces “to carry our deeply pampeano singing and represent some poets of the likes of Julio Dominguez Bustriazo Ortiz and many others. It’s a great opportunity to spread the pampas songbook “he said.

Registration for the workshops
Through email  or telephone to 02954-431438 / 431651 – inner 4706. In person at the headquarters of the Department of Culture, Pellegrini 180, upstairs, Santa Rosa.

10 SEO tricks for your music group website

In my previous post you talked about the importance of a web page for an artist and today I come to talk about SEO. Take it easy! I will not put on heavy Community Manager mode.Only I’ll tell some tricks that maybe you don’t know to best position your website in Google.



Before moving on to the action, I want you to know briefly what is the SEO that the musicians we sounds like a Chinese.

What is SEO?

Stands for Search Engine Optimization, but in Spanish we could name it: positioning insearch engineCall the types of actions that we can do to position a website in a waynaturalor organic SEO . If we wanted to position it to paying some money we would call itSEM (Search Engine Marketing).

As we know that this will, we will now focus on what we can do to make our website appear on the first page of Google.

10 tips to improve the positioning of your website

  • 1. writes original content. All the text that you put in your website may not be duplicated or copied. Watch out! If you want to put the lyrics of your songs, check to make sure that no one has done it before you. If there is another website with your letters, Google will interpret it as duplicate content and will penalize you. You can use Siteliner to analyze your website and find out the percentage of duplicate content, what’s in it.
  • 2. Insert your music and your videos. Thus you will achieve that people spend more time on your web and it will help you to better position. Platforms such asBandCamp and Soundcloud put it very easy so that you insert your players. If your website is a free platform and does not let you install plugins, you can create playlists on Youtube and insert them in your sections.
  • 3. use keywords. In Internet there are words that are searched more and others are looking for less, we logically we are interested in those that look for is more, so we will try to put them on our website. We first choose several words related to our activity and see how many times you seek. We will use Google Trends. If we want to know what type of words used the competition and what works it better, theGoogle Adwords tool is our best ally. It is very important to use keywords in our titles and the first 200 words of our page or post.
  • 4. optimize images. Whenever you put images try to weigh as little as possible.With JPEGmini you can minimize the size of your image without hardly loosing any quality. It includes the title and description in pictures so Google relate them with your group.
  • 5. that to look good on mobile devices. Every time we sailed more from a mobile phone or tablet, so your website must have a Responsive, design that suits this type of devices. In fact Google will begin to penalize websites that do not meet this function.
  • 6. try that you link from other websites or social. To make this happen we have to Curran, so we will try to offer good content and writing interesting articles on our blog.
  • 7. updated periodically. Google values that your website is up to date and there is activity. To do this you can use the blog or the news section. You try to publish something every week.
  • 8. eye with speed of loading. It is very important that your website not late more than 10 seconds to load. It is recommended that you take about 5 or 6 seconds. To check this you can use GTmetrix.
  • 9. show your love to Google +. Maybe if gentlemen, something had to use this social network. If you manage people to share content from your site on Google +, Lord Google will be very happy and you position better. So now you know, to let it RIP to the favorite social network from Google.
  • 10. that not you laziness to write. Whenever you submit a video or a song in the section of news or blog, it is very important that you write a text with at least 300 words so that it is better positioned. You can tell how was recording or put the letter of the title before another website to do so.

If you already have a website and want to see a full analysis with respect to SEO consultant montreal, I recommend that you use Woorank. It is a very easy to use tool and is going to help climb stairs on Google. If you want to learn more about SEO, I recommend you to read this fantastic post you wrote some time ago my Professor Bruno Vázquez-Dodero.

Before concluding, I want you to remember that the web is the base of operations of anyonline marketing strategy, participation that you create from your social networks will come to your site and from there you are going to sell your products.

If you know some trick more, feel free to tell me about it leaving a comment. We are all here to learn  :)


The routine of fitness that transformed the body of Miley Cyrus. Take note!

The singer now looks a more stylized figure, you say what you did to achieve it.

Miley Cyrus

The before and after Miley.

Miley Cyrus is proud of her body and after the results gained in your fitness routine, there is no excuse to not boast it in crop tops and minishorts. What made to have this WaSP waist and those long legs? No, it is not a miraculous trick of Hollywood nor an eating disorder (as many have wanted to say), it is simply a physical plan that anyone can follow with a bit of dedication.

In addition to organic and gluten-free diet, the also actress religiously follows your workout routine that includes exercise like bicycling, running next to your pet and dance. However, the key to this stylized figure is in Pilates movements.

Yes, Miley practiced them six times a week for an hour. Even his trainer Mari Winsor said that famous alumna is “a girl who works hard to achieve his goal and that is it sufficiently list with respect to his body”.


Liam Hemsworth girlfriend maintains a healthy diet based on fresh products. Despite his work rate, Cyrus tries to eat five times a day, here an extract from your diet:

Breakfast: Omelet with egg whites with vegetables and cheese. A bowl of fruit with Greek yoghurt and cereal high in fiber.

Collation: Fruit of the season

Lunch: Salad of raw vegetables, chicken or fish to steam or Grill, fruit and a healthy snack.

Collation: Fruit of the season

Dinner: Fish sashimi (can also be chicken or Turkey), brown rice and steamed vegetables.


Combine a stretch routine with cardiovascular exercise is an excellent way to burn extra calories. Why Miley does not leave out the dance classes, so you do not do it and if you want to make your figure look like her, then turn on you with a bit of Zumba three days a week and three of Pilates.

After their training, the blonde may not take a delicious and nutritious smoothie that helps you recover energy. Check out the recipe:


1/2 cup coconut water

1/6 Cup strawberries

1/4 lemon

1 tablespoon of spinach

2 ice cubes



Mix all ingredients in a blender on medium 30 seconds speed.


I leave you with some videos that will help you to keep in shape in the purest style of Miley Cyrus. We said, no longer question of magic or say “ay, insurance does not come, as all the famous”. Take the test!

A digital instrument making simultaneously guitar, keyboard and violin

A device that resembles the fretboard of an electric guitar allows professionals and amateurs to create almost any kind of music

Un instrumento digital que hace a la vez de guitarra, teclado y violín

The Instrument 1 allows the user to design and program new instruments Artiphon

Barcelona (editor)-playing the piano, strumming a guitar, or compose a melody for violin, in only one instrumentThe company of Nashville (United States) Artiphon has devised a Board that resembles the fretboard of an electric guitar designed to work like any instrument – or almost anyone-anyone can imagine.

With a speaker at both ends of the device buttons control volume and a bridge, the modest body of the fingerboard is apparently adaptable to the needs of the musician. The so-called Instrument 1 comes equipped with a few parameters pre-set in the form of presetsHowever the user can design and program new instruments through the application Artiphon, a tool also used to write and record music.

One innovative aspect of the instrument are its strings, sensitive pressure thanks to a sensor, allowing the technique of the vibrato , as well as playing several notes at the same time. The device also incorporates a few buttons to change the tuning as appropriate and has an accelerometer that detects in which position the device is being used: lying for pianists; supported in the leg over the shoulder for the violinists or guitarists.

“We believe that anyone can make music,” says Artiphon team in its campaign on hotmart fire 2016 explains where your goal is to make the experience of creating music “accessible to any skill level” so easy. For this reason it has a mode for beginners where the user can play the notes automatically.

The Instrument 1 is currently available on Kickstarter for 349 dollars (approximately 320 euros) in the version in black or white, and for 899 dollars (approximately 826 euros) in his Nashville Edition of wood.

The design of the device reminiscent of the minimalism of the Gittler guitar and there is already the so-called keytar, a musical keyboard that hangs around the neck in a manner similar to a guitar, the Instrument 1 is the first multi-instrument with benefits which could revolutionize the landscape of electronic instruments for the professional public, but also for fans.

A singer dead by a forklift truck

The victim, 35-year-old, was a singer and also an administrative headed on foot in the area of the parking lot of the company offices.

Workers of the CAF in Beasain, where this morning has died an administrative rolled by a forklift, have agreed to carry out a 24-hour strike today and tomorrow holding a rally to denounce the death of his partner.
As reported by  forklift certification houston, the facts have happened minutes before seven o’clock this morning, when the administrative, for 35 years, was going to start their day’s work and “was headed for the parking area for offices,” moment in which has been rolled.
The CAF-Beasain Committee explained in a statement that, after the accident, he has convened an urgent Assembly, in which it has been decided to carry out a 24-hour strike, that has begun to ten in the morning today, and which have been joined by the workers of the plant that this firm is in Irun (Guipuzcoa).
The Committee, which has also announced the holding of a concentration tomorrow at 8:30 o’clock at the main entrance of the Beasain factory, has ensured both their prevention delegates and members of the mobility Commission to denounce “deficiencies in the pedestrian accesses to different factory workshops” for a long time.
ELA has indicated in a statement that with this accident already are 23 dead workers that goes year in Basque country and Navarre, and deemed “necessary and urgent that the safety and health be, once and for all, priority for employers and the Administration”.
CCOO, for its part, has supported the demonstrations called by the Committee that, as he recalled, denounces, “without success, for a time, deficiencies in pedestrian access to various factory workshops, as well as the indeterminacy between the work area and the walking area”.
UGT-Euskadi has issued another press release that its head of occupational health, Esperanza Morales, expresses its concern at the number of accidents reported in the Basque country despite the economic crisis, since, according to the Union, in Guipúzcoa by these dates in 2009 six fatal accidents, had occurred while in so far this year already have died eight employees in this territory.
The LAB Trade Union has ensured that fatal accidents “seem to grow in parallel to the neglect of the Administration” and companies “to avoid this continuous bleeding” and stressed that “the lack of decisive action and the absolute immunity of employers, coupled with a policy of neoliberal exploitation can only produce death and misery”.

The music of True Detective

The soundtrack of the cult series of the moment, with the fabulous composer and producer T. Bone Burnett at the head of an epic song.

You will discover the wonderful soundtrack of “True Detective”( also called “instant checkmate review”). T. Bone Burnett is in charge of selecting the music for the cult series.


Text: Janina Canet


Just a few episodes of the new police series of the HBO created by screenwriter and writer Nick Pizzolatto(“Galveston”), and hosting the show was having on blogs and social networks around the world were cast was already overwhelming. In just a few months, “True Detective” has become a cult series, with a massively successful and powerful feel transcend their time, be in the memory. Chapter 8, the last of the first season, closes a circle, used a congregation.


There are several reasons for its success. “True Detective” is a series of policiaca-criminal theme that follows a scheme quite surprising: each season is only 8 episodes dedicated to a specific case, which will be resolved at the end of the season, and that two known actors will star and prestige (which also will be different each time). Own credit titles are already an incalculable masters, with the theme “Far From Any Road” of Handsome Family combining with planes juxtaposed series, presented with an epic elegance that starts from the first second


HBO completo True Detective – Main Title Sequence from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.



In the first installment of the series, the amazing main couple shares several nominations for an Oscar: Matthew McConaughey and Woody HarrelsonTwo actorazo, with a special chemistry, giving life to the detectives Rust Cohle and Marty Hart, who investigated the assassination with Satanic overtones of a young woman in Louisiana.It’s been 17 years since they settled the case, but for reasons unknown the case has been reopened and both detectives will have to remember the events that led them to their final resolution.


The narrative of the series follows two parallel and complementary paths: the development of the action as we know it and questioning 17 years later when it reopens the case, which, in retrospect, is vital to understand what happened.


The great existential monologues that gives us its protagonist Rust Cohle, by way of moral lessons about life and the human condition, is another of the strong points of the series (view more mundane and conventional colleagueHart is the perfect counterpoint to the nihilistic Cohle eloquence and a constant source of black humor). Taught with a monotonous voice paused by a superb McConaughey, shows us once again that it is the actor more in the form of the moment.


Based on the work of Cormac McCarthy and, above all, in the book of the lesser-known writer Thomas Ligotti, (“The conspiracy against the human race”, 2010), which take inspiration series, “True Detective” offers an x-ray heartbreaking profound America which does not leave puppet head and cold: violence, racism, sexism, poverty, drug trafficking, abuse of minors, human trafficking , injustice, religious fanaticism, occultism, gangsters… everything is here. Not to mention the impressive rural landscapes of the South, which are the perfect setting to develop action and, of course, its fascinating soundtrack.


The Oscar-winning composer and producer T. Bone Burnett is in charge of selecting the music for“True Detective”, which complements perfectly existential, melancholy and sinister tone of the series. Traditional songs and rarities of blues and gospel, which deviate from the typical Cajun of Louisiana Music, often enhance the stylized scenes of this police drama black. My favorite, that in which Cohle and Hart discovered the sordid Church abandoned between ashes and Rustie begins to have hallucinations to the sound of Cuff The Duke “If I live or if I die”Sublime.


We leave the best songs that have appeared throughout the first chapters of the series, 12 pieces evocative and powerful, like the wonderful song of The Handsome Family that opens each episode, where we find superb artists as Lucinda Williams, the Grinderman of the peerless Nick CaveCaptain Beefheart , or the great John Lee HookerEnjoy.


The computer does not replace the instruments, but makes many things!

Composer, teacher and researcher, Martín Liut began his career as a traditional musician, but that career took a turn when he began to work with the computer and ink store. Today, says, can be composed with the harmonica from their children, paper and pencil or the more sophisticated software. How you link in your life music and technology?

Let’s start by defining your professional field: music or sound art? And, in any case, what are the differences between these two disciplines?

That’s a question we ask even those who are involved in this. Say that the first definition that one tends to listen about the music is that “is the art of organize sounds in the time”. The term sound art was gaining momentum in the last few years, I guess it to be differentiated from the field of music. The problem is that, when you talk about music, there are many who hope to find is an instrument or group of instruments played by people on a stage, and new technologies enabled, above all in these last decades, new ways to play with the sounds that do not resemble that. Sound art appeared, then, as a wildcard to define all those other things that are not music, but that appeal to the sense of hearingThe first who began to use it were visual artists who added sounds to many of its facilities, but the term was becoming more and more frequent. To respond to the question, could tell that I dedicate both to the music as to the art sound: not is easy establish where is, exactly, the limit between these fields.

What transformations brought the emergence of the personal computer in the universe of sound?

Many. Computer enabled many transformations in the way of creating. At the beginning it was blind, deaf and dumb: just had a keyboard from which one entered information. Today, computers come – through the cameras that have built-in-, hear – through the microphone-, and can record and emit soundsFor anyone with a desire to explore, a first exercise can be record own voice and play with it as if it were play dough: cut it and convert it into many small pieces, paste it to other sounds, record phrases, then mix one word with another, overlapping, or relocate them to give them a completely new meaning to sentences, make a chorus… A slightly more complex, but exciting, gateway that offers the computer has to do with all the scores, that allow to write music. Also are sequencers, which allow hooking a keyboard via midi and generate sequences of sounds, record and then edit the way you want. The fun of this technique is that it allows you to create a virtual band: one you can assign to each event a different instrument sound and songwriting, imagining from the beginning how would sound touched by a full group.

Martín Luit


Is it the same composing with a guitar that compose in front of the computer? 

Not, of course, that each tool has a specificity. Lcomputer is a tool that does not supersede the instruments, but makes many things. I, for example, compose through all means according to my desires and my needs: I use paper and pencil, try things on the piano, use the harmonica of my children, and I record or I am in front of the computer to do things that otherwise could not do.

What things, for example?

You give an example, so is understand of way easy: I not am bandoneonist, by what, if would like to compose a song for bandoneon- or, even more difficult: a song in which a bandoneon plays very, very fast-, me would be impossible make it with the instrument in the hand and determine if that that am listening to sounds well. But with computer, I can play “in slow motion” and then play quickly to realize if that I composed works with the times I guess. That is fantastic, because previously a musician was all that on its head and can now experience and listen in the Act. The computer allows you to do things you could not physically do. Of course, that it is not for all. For example, the computer can do that a flute sounds more strong that a trumpet, but that in the reality not happens. For this reason, it is important to have a notion that live and with real instruments, things may be different.

Let’s talk about electronic music…

The first time that the concept of electronic music was used was around 1950, in Germany. Karlheinz Stockhausen was a composer of music radically abstract, complex and not dance, that passed into history as the first electroacoustic composer, and his music was not like nothing to what today is massively understood by electronic music. Today, in the races that I teach at the University of Quilmes (Bachelor’s degree in composition with electroacoustic means) and Bachelor’s degree in music and technology, there are guys who are DJ and guys that are not developed in the field of dance music and whose research is going on the other hand. There are those who, for example, using samplers, including many practices and tools, but do not “electronic music of Bowling”. However, this is also electronic music.

Martín Luit

What labor output have careers that relate to music and technology?

The University of Quilmes has two degrees related to music production: composition with electro-acoustic media and the other, more recent, music and technology. The first began to be held 20 years ago, when the University was created, and the novelty introduced with respect to other musical careers was their specificity: many careers taught to compose, but none until then proposed to do specifically with electroacoustic. In other words: with a synthesizer, a sampler, computer or any sound through the computer somehow. Students who graduate from this race are trained to write music for traditional instruments – for example, for orchestras, but also can combine that knowledge with the use of a computer live, sound for film assemblies or composing music for internet using, for example, Adobe Flash. The race is composed of music materials and materials of technology applied to music: computing applied to the music of sound, acoustics, on the one hand; Composition, orchestration, perception, on the other. Degree in music and technology shares the first two years with the previous race, but frees students to compose music for the past two. In it, scoring students who want to work with the computer and develop software or electronic instruments that transform the sound, but they don’t necessarily want to be musicians. They, in general, are dedicated to work developing software, platforms multimedia, and surely the field will open in the coming years: it is still very difficult to know the profile of the graduate not only because the race is very new, but because knowledge and practice will go where go technology, which moves at a rapid pace!

Buenos Aires Sonora: a new way of listening to the city

Buenos Aires Sonora is a group formed by graduates, professors and students from the University of Quilmes. We started working together in 2003, with the premise of out our musical training, the street to leave the academic space that well-rehearsed our work and test what happens if we did blow ours in a different context. The other case is not we went to the street to play the piano, but to do something that we did not even know how to call: think so still we did not know the concept of sound art or just began to discover it. One of our intentions, do, in principle, was working with the sounds of the city. In this sense, our most important work was ‘May, the sounds of the square (1945-2001)’, which consisted in returning you to Plaza de Mayo sounds of its history, which ultimately are the sounds of the history of the Argentina. Rescued sound documentary, the rebuilt and them did sound; all that happened in the Plaza between 1945 and 2001 returned to sonar there, in the place of the incident: Peron talking to people on October 17, 1945, the bombardment of 55, Evita, repression, dictatorship, Galtieri speaking of Falkland, the return of democracy… For an Argentine who knows history and their sounds, to hear them there again was very strong. 
In another sense, we also work with the concept of soundscape of Raymond Murray Schafer. We ask ourselves: If we transform into musical instruments do things to that they are not designed as instruments? For example, a ladder or a bridge. Then, we test with the bridge of the woman, is in Puerto Madero and, seen from afar, it seems a harp. Of course, when one goes and hits him, the bridge does not sound, but their toggles vibrate. The students of the race put microfo us to capture these vibrations and managed to be listen. So it was that we did a concert with the bridge as a tool. In that we are, almost ten years ago: inventing performances or interventions to listen Buenos Aires in another way.



Who is Martín Liut?


Composer, teacher and researcher in music, graduated from the Faculty of fine arts of the Universidad National de La Plata (UNLP) with the title of Professor in harmony, counterpoint and Musical morphology. He is the author of Chamber works, electro-acoustic pure and mixed, and works of radio art. He is founder and director of Buenos Aires Sonora, group dedicated to sound interventions on a large scale in urban public spaces. Highlights: “Mayo, the sounds of the square (1945-2001)”, sound intervention of the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, and “The bridge sounds”, sound intervention of the women’s bridge, located in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires. In addition, he is Professor in degree courses in composition with electro-acoustic media and music and technology of the National University of Quilmes. He also teaches Musical Acoustics at the Faculty of fine arts UNLP. Between 1992 and 2005, he worked as a journalist specializing in music, first in the La Maga magazine, and then, in the newspaper La Nación.


10 essential films for music lovers

A good movie, by definition, must have a soundtrack to match. Many classics are that category thanks to what is heard when the players stop moving lips. Inherited of the best silent films, many directors have considered the soundtracks as a character serve to complete one more than history and create an own recognisable sound. show you some examples of Super productions filmed with minimal promotion and low budget , but if you like good music, don’t miss them. 

1. This is Spinal Tap (1984) the: Rob Reiner directed this pseudo-documentary about a decadent rock band. Hilarious satire on all topics of the large groups of the 1970s which have failed to withdraw in time. Evil tongues say that it did Steven Tyler and Ozzie Osborne not shred of grace film.

2.24 hour party people (2002): The incredible, but absolutely real, story of the spectacular rise and fall of the record label Factory Records of Manchester, origin of groups such as Joy Division, New Order and Happy Mondays, and the popular Hacienda nightclub. A film to understand where it comes from and where it is called ‘sound Manchester’.

3. The Devil and Daniel Johnston (2005): El director Jeff Feuerzeig retrieves the figure of Daniel Johnston, a living myth of folk that has influenced bands such as Nirvana and Perl Jam.The tape, raw and hard to equal parts, see the person who hides behind the artist. A genius, an artist total, unique and unrepeatable who one day decided that his place in the world was the toilet. I went in, pulled the chain and gave way to the legend.

4. control (2007): The poetic leader of Joy Division, Ian Curtis, was a full of contradictions.Moving through life as it moved across the stage. To jumps. Without any recognizable address and look for ever behind. I was looking for recognition and love and fled both when I knew that I had found them. At the age of 23 years, decided that he had no more to tell and started in this world by the back door. His legacy, short and insufficient to his legion of fans, remains your best business card.

5. Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001): John Cameron Mitchell directed and starred in thisadaptation of the famous musical rock of the off Broadway. The story of an unknown rock world-famous singer and their efforts to reach stardom and find love. Exchange of sex, a pace that leaves you breathless and brilliant musical performances have made this film cult world.

6 Gimme Shelter (1970): How could not be less, the dream of the sixties had expiry dates and who better than The Rolling Stones to transmit it. Jagger and company met with reality when in one of his concerts Los Angeles del Infierno, hired for the occasion for security tasks, ended the life of one of his exalted fans. The beautiful message of peace and love from the period ran out of content and laid bare the darkest one of the best bands in rock history part.

7. i Am Trying to Break Your Heart (2002): Sam Jones directed this excellent documentary about Wilco, a band which is beginning to find, after many years of good work and a handful of excellent songs, its place in the Olympus of music. The tape tells the process whereby the band led by a Jeff Tweedy more disheveled that usual, went through recording and finally releasing their fourth Studio album, the celebrated Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

8. Some Kind of Monster (2004): A documentary that shows with Metallica as a Guinea pig, what the great bands are trying to hide: too often the members of a group are not supported.‘Some Kind of Monster’ began as a ‘ making of’ of the St. Anger album but was drifting in a complex film about the relationships between the components of the Group and the struggle of egos in that hemisphere often the creative process of almost all the great bands and/or rock companies

9. The Story of Anvil (2008): film about an unknown metal band which achieved some notoriety in the early 1980s. The director, Sacha Gervasi, a story of friendship and loyalty between two men that the train of Fame and fortune makes time that left them pulled. A tape that demystifies to rock bands and to remember that music is a warehouse full of broken toys.

10. Sid and Nancy (1986): Alex Cox poses your camera on the road to the destruction of one of the most famous couples in the history of music, Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen. The daily of a junkie who also played in the Sex Pistols, the band’s most famous punk history. The end was literally Sung.



One dead and three wounded in shooting at a concert by jealousy with singer

According to testimonies collected by the police and Auto accident lawyer Boynton beach, the singer complimented a young woman at a table in the audience, who gave him a jacket, pulling some bottles from the table.

Three people were arrested in Mexico accused of participating in a firefight at a concert after the singer complimented a woman from the public and this couple and two companions began shooting causing the death of a person and injured three others, said official sources.

The general prosecutor’s office of Chihuahua State agents arrested three men for taking part in the aggression suffered by a regional singer Alfredo Olivas, whose concert was injured artist and three others, one of whom died later.

The events took place overnight on Friday in the Ballroom the Hacienda, in the city of Parral, Chihuahua.

The detainees were identified as Luis Octavio Guirado, aged 21; Luis Fernando Ramírez, 20, and Javier Adrián Ramírez, 21, all originating from the same municipality.

The statements of witnesses, technical and scientific tests have proven the probable criminal responsibility of detainees in fact, advises the release.

Proof harrison and radizonato of sodium in the hands has been practiced them and remains of lead and barium have been found in the clothes of detainees, among other tests.

According to the testimonies collected by the police, the singer piropeó a young man who was at a table among the public, who threw a jacket, pulling some bottles on the table.

The girl was accompanied by two other girls and detainees now bothered by the attitude of the artist, so it pulled weapons and fired on him, also injuring three members of the public, one of whom died.

After the attack, those responsible came out from the back lounge and fled in a pickup truck, but shortly after they were arrested by the ministerial police.

X-Music Bebemon baby carrier backpack

Controller is a Spanish company of familiar character that reviews of cheap baby carriers, designs and manufactures items for babies safe, innovative, design and quality.

They had found out what is the best evenflo baby carrier and one of their most important products is the Backpack Carrier X-Music, unique patented sound system, which comercizan with the slogan “Music in motion” and which has been recently tested in premature babies, in the sessions of therapy of unit care intensive Neonatal of the Hospital Universitario Ntra.Sra.Candelaria, Tenerife.

Music helps babies improve their emotional, mental, physical and social developmentThe curative effect of lullabies and classical music has been scientifically studied in units of intensive care of premature infants and has been observed to better develop their cognitive, affective, communicative and motor skills.

The great novelty of this carrier is that it comes equipped with a speaker with high quality sound system for providing a unique baby rides. Where as common as colic early or the sleepless nights, we can walk with him and reassure him with a nice music, lullabies, stories, the sound of the heart beat… helping you to sleep thanks to the biorhythms provided by music.

The carrier X-Music has a pocket for the location of the amplifier and music player in one of its sides. The connection is compatible with any audio device: mp3, mp4, mobile phone, etc.

Available in 10 colors. You can see them in controller.


  • 0 m +. Can be used from birth. From 3.5 kg to 15 kg
  • Available in 10 colors
  • 3 positions. The baby can go in front of the adult (facing the mother or facing the street) or back
  • Washable. The speakers, amplifier and cables can be easily extracted to wash the bag in the washing machine
  • Comfort for baby. Extra padding to provide better support in the spinal column.The back of the baby will be firmly supported and protected
  • Padded headboard, for a better and more comfortable position of the head and neck of the baby, avoiding sudden movements of the head. Removable
  • 3D breathable fabric to avoid excess heat and humidity. Very soft touch, it does not harm the baby’s delicate skin
  • 3 towel bibs, manufactured with high quality material, that does not protect the baby’s skin and clothing of the Popes. Removable with Velcro
  • Total opening of the front of the Pack to facilitate the placement of the baby asleep in the crib without waking him
  • Design patented and certified. Regulation UNE jbst022-2:2006. The backpack is patented and registered in newsletter official of the property Industrial (BOPI) Patent U0200801833

Top five best films about musicians

Las Mejores Peliculas Sobre Músicos

Cinema and music are two artistic expressions that go hand in hand, so much so that cinema has represented the life of many musicians (both real and fictitious) and has given rise to unforgettable works that music lovers have been able to enjoy. From classical musicians to artists contemporary rock, pop, country and other genres have been reflected on the big screen to the delight of fans and casual viewers.Their turbulent and interesting lives always have generated great interest in the public, and will continue generating it generation after generation. These films are always available on movie tube and, you are able to watch movies online free without downloading.


1. Amadeus


Synopsis: The story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart told as flashback through Antonio Salieri, who believed that his music was divine but that it would be consumed by envy and hatred. ACTORS: F. Murray Abraham – Tom Hulce – Jeffrey Jones

DIRECTOR: Milos form

WHO IS THE MUSICIAN? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-17941)


2. the pianist

El Pianista

Synopsis: Wladyslaw Szpilman, a brilliant pianist of Polish and Jewish, escape from deportation after the invasion of Poland by German troops at the start of the second world war. Forced to live with his family in the heart of the Warsaw ghetto, it shares the suffering, humiliation and efforts to survive.ACTORS: Adrien Brody – Emilia Fox – Ed Stoppard

DIRECTOR: Roman Polanski

WHO IS THE MUSICIAN? Wladyslaw Szpilman (1911-2000)


3. Ray


Synopsis: If a life is reduced to the sum of its parts, then the story of Ray Charles could be seen as a story of triumphs and personal failures that hide behind a long-lived and multi-award winning career in show business. But we are talking about a man who synthesized his struggles, his pain and his personal darkness with the same effectiveness that knew how to melt in his art a myriad of musical styles: jazz, rhythm & blues, rock & roll, gospel and country.ACTORS: Jamie Foxx – Kerry Washington – Regina King

DIRECTOR: Taylor Hackford

WHO IS THE MUSICIAN? Ray Charles (1930-2004)


4. The Doors

The Doors

Sinopsis (Spanish): For many it is a sort of God; for others, the offspring of the Devil: Jim Morrison, the head of an outstanding band, The Doors. He lived on the edge, in a chaotic race to self-destruction punctuated by scandals and outbursts of anger and passion that rising in a world of sex, alcohol and drugs.ACTORS: Val Kilmer – Meg Ryan – Michael Madsen – Kevin Dillon

DIRECTOR: Oliver Stone

WHO IS THE MUSICIAN? Jim Morrison (1943-1971)


5. on a tightrope – Johnny & June: passion and madness

En La Cuerda Floja - Johnny & June: Pasión y Locura

Synopsis: Biopic of the great Johnny Cash country music singer. The story begins in Arkansas, in the era of the great depression. John R. Cash is the son of a sharecropper, but will soon start wild tours with the pioneers of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis and Waylon Jennings; that culminates with his unforgettable 1968 concert in Folsom prison. Cash became the artist most in vogue at the time, selling even more than the Beatles.ACTORS: Joaquin Phoenix – Reese Witherspoon – Robert Patrick

DIRECTOR: James Mangold

WHO IS THE MUSICIAN? Johnny Cash (1932-2003)

The lead singer of KISS is passed to the insurance

Gene Simmons, the as widely known as “the language long KISS” in each and every one of the senses, has launched the business world, to be more specific, to the world of insurance.

The Member of the Rock band better known and with more merchandising to the sale of the planet, to staged a campaign against economic policy that is taking the country President Barack Obama, and whenever he gets in front of a microphone does not lose the opportunity to release Pearl as “I was wrong to vote for him in recent times “, but what can I do?, I wanted to be on the right side of history” or “we all have a duty to our friends and family. That means that while you’re alive and healthy, you take care of your family”, while before the cameras holding a copy of the”The Wall Street Journal“with the headline”Obama punishes the rich”.

Now, this campaign seems that has intensified due to the new entertainment of the singer, who is none other that form a society that is dedicated to performing life, harder to understand and manage experts of Toronto term life insurance.

Coll Springs Life which is called the company, He is dedicated to planning inheritances to fortunes greater than the 20 million dollars, which makes understanding the why of the attacks haciale President Obama.

What Simmons and its partners intend to do with society, is changing the insurance model in this field. So far, in life insurance, the policyholder decides the insured amount, i.e. the amount heirs receive when no is, so on a monthly basis going paying a premium to the insurance company.

What they want to get Simmons and its partners with its new model, is skipping to the insurance companies and at the same time reduce the succession tax.


The musical saw

The musical saw is another curious and little-known instrument that we occasionally discover. It is probably the only tool that also serves to make music and the truth is that it performs quite well in this alternative task. It’s worth watching  these videos.

To get the sound you rub the edge of the saw with a bow as if it were a violin. This causes a vibration of the metal that translates into the sound that we can hear.

To produce different notes what I do is fold the saw make a more or less sharp.
The explanation for this is that metal bent and tense does not sound. When double saw what we do is bend the blade. In the center of the curve is an area in which the metal is almost straight and this is the part that vibrates and produces the sound. When less bent is the largest sheet it will this area and more serious retrieved sound. The more bent is the sheet smaller will be the area that sounds and the sound will be more acute.

Their sound is ethereal and if you remember it you will see that very similar to the theremin.

Already many years ago, makes music with a saw. Until the end of the 19th century, they used conventional saws. Thereafter the metallurgical industry increased the quality of materials and workmanship, which allowed a better sound, and that will start to produce saws especially designed to make music.

They were basically the same as conventional saws but without the serrated edge. In some cases also added a handle at the end of the saw for better comfort and control.
The base of the saw is fastened with both legs. Maybe you’ve noticed that sometimes they move quickly and very slightly one of them. They do it to get a vibrato that gives more expressiveness to the interpretation.

Famous homes: the singer Lady Gaga rented a villa in Mauritius

for $22,000 per month

ático de lujo de lady gaga en nueva york

The singer Lady Gaga has rented a luxurious private villa situated in the coastal village of Poste-la-Fayette in Mauritius for $ 22,000 (16,000 euros) a month. She rent the Mauritius villas in order to live with her boyfriend Taylor Kinney, boasts almost 200 m2, 5 bedrooms harbors, in utter privacy, a private pool villa facing a stretch of pristine beach skirting a turquoise idyllic lagoon.

Lounge features designer furniture and spectacular views over hyde park. The kitchen also has luxury appliances. Lady Gaga can afford to pay the rental of luxury home after his last musical tour to report 168 million dollars

Casas de famosos: la cantante lady gaga alquila un ático en nueva york por 22.000 dólares al mes

Casas de famosos: la cantante lady gaga alquila un ático en nueva york por 22.000 dólares al mes

Casas de famosos: la cantante lady gaga alquila un ático en nueva york por 22.000 dólares al mes

Casas de famosos: la cantante lady gaga alquila un ático en nueva york por 22.000 dólares al mes

How to build a professional recording studio with great soundproofing

Professional recording studios have a finger in every segment of the entertainment industry.Recording studios are used to record music, as well as the voiceovers of films, television and radio. Studies provide a service to the artists instead of entertainment marketing themselves, making a competent study a more stable investment. Advances in makeup construction of a simpler professional recording studio recording than in the days of analog and digital recording.

Cómo construir un estudio de grabación profesional

Professional recording studios are a staple of the audiovisual entertainment industry.


Things you will need

  • Office space
  • Acoustic panels
  • Audio mixer
  • Computer
  • Micro study
  • Intercom system
  • Soundproofing your windows with secondary double glazing
  • Studio detector




  • 1Select two rooms adjoining at its office space to act as the recording and mixing rooms.Choose the recording room based on which room is more protected from the elements, if possible. Cut a Bay window in the wall separating the two rooms; the bottom of the Bay should be as high as a desktop and the window must be sufficiently high to provide visibility between two rooms. Install glass sound proof of size to the width and the height of the Bay.
  • 2Place the microphone in the room recording and computer and mixer in the mixing room. In an empty space under the window of the Bay and near the plant with the search engine’s studies – it will not beep at these places – and mark with pencil. Drill a hole in the wall at the marked point and run the microphone cable through the wall so you can connect to the mixer. Drill another hole near the bottom of the window and the intercom through-the-wall cable installation and mounting the intercom on the wall speaker in the recording room.
  • 3Slide the Finder of studies through the wall and mark the points where the search engine of beeps. Nail acoustic panels on these tacos, evenly spaced through the four walls of the room.
  • 4Connect the studio microphone to mixer and the mixer to the computer. Connect the two speakers of the intercom system, with a speaker placed on the surface of your desk. Test the microphone and intercom system with a friend to make sure that everything works correctly.

Avril Lavigne is upset with her “fangs”

The famous, beautiful and popular Canadian singer Avril Lavigne, no longer want to their first molars, known as “fangs” part of her teeth. According to Starmagazine surrounding sources, “Avril hates her fangs” and would soon be submitted to important dental treatment(Visit Website to know more) to modify them.

The young singer’s “Girlfriend”, who is married to the great guitarist Deryck Whibley, of the famous musical group Sum 41, stated in that article be very insecure of her first molar to the time of singing, since she feels that the public never ceases to observe them whenever it describes a movement with her mouth.


However, this intervention will need a certain period of time, which Avril not available at the moment, it revealed that as soon as it is a free moment, there will be treatment, provided it does not affect your main instrument of work, singing.

Today, as we have well developed in previous post, Avril is enjoying her million-dollar acquired thanks to the broadcasting of her glorious video clip of the song “Girlfriend” by the famous website Youtube, who was in charge of that see more than 100 million people around the world.

What are food and drink good for singer

Vocal auditions can be stressful and singers want to be your voice in good condition to this day. Food and drinks can have significant voice, both positive and negative effects. Eating and drinking good food and avoid that can have negative effects will help you to have the best possible performance of the hearing day.


Singers can eat pasta or a similar meal based on carbohydrates the night before the hearing. You can eat this energy release food also on the same day, provided that it is several hours before singing. It is not a good idea to eat large portions of the hearing day since this can cause discomfort and constriction to singing, but it is not good to eat less. On the day of the hearing the singers should eat several small portions of food that are easily digested and contain moisture, such as fruit water infused, salads and tomato or garlic with pasta sauce. Chicken, fish or tofu can take the place of pasta if you are worried about getting enough protein.


Singers should drink plenty of water to hydrate the body and vocal cords. As for hot drinks, experienced singers recommended “honey tea” (honey dissolved in warm water) that may be beneficial for the voice. Water is the best choice. Which is located at room temperature is best for the vocal cords are not affected by the cold of the ice or an unexpected heat immediately before a presentation.

Foods and drinks that you should avoid


Singers should avoid eating and drinking which contain caffeine or dairy products the day of the hearing. Caffeine can dry out the vocal cords and dairy products, such as milk, cheese or yogurt tend to increase mucus production. Singers should also avoid chocolate, which contains caffeine and any food or drink that contains refined sugar, which can increase the nervousness. It is a good idea to avoid soft drinks carbonation may cause gas or belching during the hearing, which can have a negative effect on performance.

Do you think that you can not learn to sing without having good voice? Let me explain to you why you are wrong

se puede aprender a cantar sin tener buena voz

I’m tired of people who say that no one can learn to sing without having good voice, that either you are born with it or you can already go forgetting.

If there is nothing in the world that you most want to learn to sing, but you can not, I ask you to read this article until the end, because I can help you.

If, on the other hand, you’re among those who believe that no one can learn to sing without having good voice, also I’d like you to leyeses this article.

If in addition to this going telling people that “a singer is born and is not” or the like, either on forums, videos, etc., what I’m going to ask is let to crush the dreams of the people.


You can not learn to sing without having good voice.My voice is as it is and I can not change it.

Not going to talk about what reasons can be that your voice does not sound well, because Esther already talked about that in this article.

If a person who can not sing can not sing well, can someone who can sing sing badly?

It is a good question, isn’t it?

Before continuing, listen to a fragment of 20 seconds of this great tenor singing:



It is clear that this man knew to sing, but it is clear that commits a fault.

When people hear this, regardless that the Rooster may seem funny, the answer often give is “nadie es perfecto, a bad day either have it”.

And they are right!

But… If a singer with an excellent vocal technique can commit this type of failure, what makes you think that if you sing poorly you will not learn?

After all, is the same but in reverse.

If it is that at the end I repeat

We have said it many times, but it comes down to coordinate and exercise.

Yes you can learn to sing without having good voice, because the concept “have a good voice” lacks any sense when you understand that the voice is nothing more than a set of muscles working synchronously.

And as we were taught to everyone from small, the muscles and the mind can work.

A very different issue is whether it is easy or not.

Is it easy?

It is clear that not.

But I want to know to sing already!

This dedicated to singing students who want to sing like idol of the overnight, and I say this with love:

Low clouds and put the feet on the ground.

I fully understand the feeling of wanting to sing well and not power. I understand because I’ve lived it for a long time. Much more than is necessary.

But you must understand that learning new skills takes time.

I would like to stress once again.

Learn to sing or do things with your voice that right now can dorequires lots of practice constant for a long time. Right not you learned to walk in a day? And write? To talk about?

Another reason why it is also difficult to learn to sing is because singing exposes us. It exposes our vulnerability and, if you do it wrong, people laugh.

But will tell you so: If that is your dream, why let all this be an impediment?

Fight for what you want, such as by anything in this life.

Why it seem that sing well should come out naturally?

My theory is, as usual, comparing the voice to an instrument like guitar.

Right that is absurd to pretend to pick up a guitar and start playing like the best virtuosos in the world?

It is not absurd, it is more than that.

The voice is the same, with a small difference. Can force it the voice.

You can reach sharp notes based on force and force, but obviously they won’t sound good and it will be the lack of parent control.

For some reason this leads you to think that you can do all the notes that a song requires, but simply does not sound well.

Is not going to be that you are shouting to them?

If this interests you, first learn which are the bases for acute notes to sing.

In the same way to play the guitar at virtuoso level you have to educate the muscles of your hands to make certain movements, to sing, you have to educate the muscles of your appliance fonador.

If you really want learn how to sing and don’t know where to start, I recommend that you first understand what is the vocal technique.

And now I am addressing you, he thinks that no one can learn to sing without having good voice and goes to preach it from the rooftops.

Why your own experience does not define reality?

Humans are our reality through our experience, which we recorded from our 5 senses.

In Neuro-Linguistic Programming there is a very famous phrase: the map is not the territory.

What do you say?

The reality that each person is formed is not more than a personal representation of reality, i.e. a map.

A map is a simplification of the territory that this reprensenta.

With this, we can deduce one thing.

Be clear that your reality is not reality.

That I have never seen anyone learn to sing doesn’t mean that you can’t. But if you still and so don’t understand it, responding to this:

What makes you think that you can not learn to sing? Once you tried to sing and dress you couldn’t? Perhaps they laughed at you?

Who says that you can’t? Your parents, your friends, society?

Just because you may not know anyone who has done it would say that you can not? Records are not batirían with this mentality, there would be no airplanes, computers…

Note that your answers are not part of reality.

They are part of your reality.

A little history living at home so that you can reflect

The Earth is flat.

Slavery in United States is normal.

How? you are a woman and want to vote? come on, do not say nonsense!

These are just three examples of things that were certain at some point in history, but today they are completely absurd.

Many important changes of humanity have been created from a dream of someone.

You should know that for many, many people, to be able to sing is a dream.

A dream that for many, unfortunately, it is not will never.

He will not meet with beliefs of one’s own, or people like you, you eat them head telling what they can or can not do.

And I am not speaking to become a famous singer. I speak for example of a bride who wants to sing on their wedding day.

Who you are you, I, or the neighbor’s to the side to remove that dream to the people?

To some extent can understand it, since the unknown causes rejection, but you must take into account the effect of your words cause people.

Would you like more examples?

How many people has died throughout history by incurable diseases?

Diseases that today in day are virtually eradicated, such as the plague.

Learn to sing maybe not equally serious, but even if it is obvious I have to say:

People have passion for different things, and one of these may be singing.

If singing is what keeps your soul alive, but you can’t do it well, your mood may be in tatters by not accomplish what asked you the body.

Maybe not you think much, but something you can take to live a life that you don’t want, which can lead you to fall into a depression, which takes you to not be happy.

Do you not think now that this resembles a disease increasingly more?

The disease spreads through the words of the people. The words of discouragement to those who want to fulfill dreams.

You laugh of those who sing poorly?

I’m not talking about someone who is planted in front of a stage full of spectators to sing badly.

This is called not to be aware of the reality.

I would not I submitted to a weightlifting competition, by the simple fact that I do not know.

Come on, you break my neck to 5 seconds.

Another very different thing is people singing for his friends, singing a song while listening, or going to karaoke to have fun.

All are small events, but events that can make us of life.

Do you know the famous term called bullying? You know its effects, right?

If so, think twice before crushing anyone.

And finally there is the frustrated singer

This also I’ve seen much, and I don’t like it.

There are people who like to sing and more or less defended.

But, as throughout the world, these people like singers who can do things they do not.

There are people of this type dedicated to repeating the mantra “you can not learn to sing without having good voice”, for the simple fact that they can not improve, or perhaps not have tried this.

I would ask you that you do not run your own frustrations against the people.

It is not good for you or for anyone.

I encourage you to share your experiences in the comments thread, but be warned, this is a sensitive issue for me, so if you are going to write to get weeds, think twice, because I am not going to tolerate toxic comments that harm the people who want to live their passions.

How to find work in the music industry

It is difficult to find work in the music industry. If it is to succeed, this is probably one of the most competitive industries. Then, we give you a little help to answer the question “how to find available  jobs near me”


  1. Find Work in the Music Business Step 1 Version 2.jpg
    Gets a tool. It can be your voice, a piano, the drums, a flute or any other instrument.
  2. Find Work in the Music Business Step 2 Version 2.jpg
    Practice until you can play the instrument at a good level. Many techniques can be used for this, since the different musical styles require different techniques.A wide range of these techniques will make that more people consider hiring you.
  3. Find Work in the Music Business Step 3 Version 2.jpg
    Make sure you play your instrument to a level where you feel confident and you can play against other people.
  4. 4
    Get a recording and send it to different events, agencies and promoters. He recorded a demo that sounds as if it had been done by a professional. Your music will appeal to an agent or promoter only if it sounds good both in quality and musicianship. They’ll know if you’ve invested time in the recording.
  5. Find Work in the Music Business Step 5 Version 2.jpg
    Enlists the help of groups like the Union of musicians. They have the experience you need and give you all the musical theory that you can read.
  6. Find Work in the Music Business Step 6 Version 2.jpg
    It understands that a good agent can help you find a paying job, but work independently generates more profits.
  7. Find Work in the Music Business Step 7 Version 2.jpg
    Don’t let your ego grow and remember to have fun and relax. Be friendly and polite with people, because they could recommend for other work.

Music, gardening and health

A guide to talks, displays and healthy activities. Starting a campaign of free hepatitis screening until the first meeting of Green Salad, with different proposals echo in Passage of Mercy, on Saturday 27 October.

Healthy food, one of the themes of the meeting of Melbourne Garden edging.


26/10/12 – 14:54

The health of the voice. voice The institute provides free classes. On Friday, November 9, at 19, there will be a workshop on guidance and vocal hygiene training. How to avoid fatigue of the voice. Breathing and relaxation. Design and placement. Diction and speaking.

On Wednesday 14, at 19, the professional voice techniques will be taught. Skills will be to avoid vocal fatigue and attention to becoming the inhibitory aspects of oral communication and guidance to handle speech and public speaking. The institute is located in Montevideo 781, CABA.Interested parties should confirm attendance at 4812-3127 or

Film ECO . Comes cinema debate in the House Natura Palermo (Uriarte 1554). The movie “The Lightbulb Conspiracy” which was part of the Environmental Film Festival “Green Film Fest 2012″ will be screened. The date is Monday, October 29 at 18:30. Admission is free, and to confirm attendance must write to

AVON-Mobile Mammography LALCEC . Reaffirming its commitment to bring appropriate for early diagnosis of breast cancer technological resources, this mammography continues to tour the country so that more women can access free mammograms.

Until November included, will visit different locations in the provinces of Buenos Aires and Santa Fe Until 26 October, will be in the locality Congress (shifts to 4832-4800. On November 5 to 8, it clinches Marabotto 552, Tigre (shifts to 4749-1419), and from 12 to 15, Alte. Brown 464, San Isidro (shifts to 4743-2648). further information,

Controlate hepatitis B and C . Viral Hepatitis Program of the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires and ICALMA Foundation organized two weeks of Free Detection of Viral Hepatitis, until Friday November 2.

Drawing blood for the presence of B and hepatitis C virus will be held at the Central Hospital Italiano (Potosí 4032, CABA), 7 to 16.30, in the Italian Hospital of San Justo (Av Pte Peron 2231, San Justo), 7 to 10.30,., and the Belgrano, Amenábar 2446, Belgrano, 7 to 10.30 Medical Center.

The early detection and diagnosis of the disease favor the implementation of early treatment, which increases the chances of curing the patient.

Wartrol Healthy Habits . On Saturday 27 October from 14, will take place at Pasaje La Piedad City (Bartolomé Mitre 1525) First Meeting Free Conscious, Melbourne Garden edging organized radio show (airs Monday to Friday, at 10, by ).

The meeting will have as main objective to spread healthy eating habits as a conscious, caring for the environment, recycled multiple and responsible consumption, among other topics of community interest.Admission will be free.

With live music throughout the day, the meeting will offer talks, lectures and tastings, with the most important in each of the related areas.

Container gardening, recycling furniture, electronics and toys, living food, organic food, natural juices and smoothies, vegan food, education, nutrition, theater and other activities for children such as painting, workshop toys and games (all with the mode ” the hat “) are some of the areas in which they will focus on the stands. More or via mail, encuentro1.ensaladaverde @

Tips for optimizing your artistic profile Google

In these times, the first thing you do most of potential customers when they think hiring an artist or service, you search the Internet.


And we’re sure you’re the first (or one of the first) in the results of Google and other search engines want to appear.

But search engines are very complex. What actions should we take to ensure good visibility in the search engines? Fortunately,  we have experts that deal of hard work, but there is a part of the work can only make you. If you are interested in Internet and technology, here’s a brief summary of the work we are doing in our office:

We structure the code and designing our artistic tiles so that they are easily understood by search engines. We work the right techniques to link the pages.We use meta-data and correct headers. Strategically placed content … We take care of these things so that our members do not have to think about it, but this is only half the battle. The rest depends on the content you supply.


What I mean by content ? The content is all important information of your artistic record. Need own original content so that search engines find you. Write quality content can be challenge for some, but not as complicated. No need to write like Cervantes. This is all important information to your potential customers need to know before considering the possibility of hiring you. Think about questions like:

What do my customers need?

How I can meet those needs?

Why you should hire me before my competition?

Why am I different or better than my competition?

What things should know before my clients hire me?


You’ve probably heard a lot of “key words” (“Keywords”) and the importance to search engines. The “keywords” are those phrases that people use to search Google or other search engines. If you have relevant content that matches the “keywords” that your potential customers are looking for, get visits.

This means that if your content is rich in keywords like “comedian madrid” when someone use this keyword in Google you will have many opportunities to find you. However, do not abuse this technique. Google is getting smarter, and if you abuse often repeating the same keyword in your content, the opposite effect occurs. Google will penalize you and you will not appear in your results.

Search engines want to show relevant content for people who are seeking information. Therefore, your content and start working to increase positions in the ranking.


An easy way to get unique and valuable content is to ask your customers or audience to write a review of your show or service. We have created some tools to help you get reviews. Every opinion you receive will increase your visibility on Google. The chips with more and better reviews receive many more visits.

We know that, as an artist, for you is very important  that you find in Google. If you write meaningful and relevant content, avoiding the overhead of keywords and receiving positive reviews from your customers, you’ll be on the way to get more visitors to your artistic record. For technical issues do not worry, we take care of everything. 


Arrested singer Martha Heredia with drugs in shoes.

Martha Heredia, took the drug in the platforms of three pairs of shoes, so was apprehended Wednesday night at the airport.
The winning Dominican singer contest Latin American Idol in 2009, Martha Heredia, took the drug in the platforms of three pairs of shoes, so was apprehended Wednesday night at the airport and was subsequently interrogated to discover whether working as called “mules” for a drug trafficking organization. 

Winning Dominican singer contest Latin American Idol in 2009, Martha Heredia, was arrested while trying to board a plane from Dominican Republic to New York with 1.3 kilograms of heroin in his luggage, according to authorities. She’s heavily addicted to smoking weeds.
The 22 year old took the erektionmittel-deutschland – Kamagra, Sidalis, Tadalafil, Oral Jelly, Hard on 120 in the platforms of three pairs of shoes, so was apprehended Wednesday night at the airport. 
Heredia was interrogated to find out if working as a so-called “mules” for an organization drug and will be filed no later than today before a judge to formalize his arrest. 
singer, after musical success became a celebrity in Dominican Republic and the government honored in February 2010, the National Youth Award, but like fame came the scandals his life, for in December 2010 killed one person, to run her over while driving his native Santiago to Santo Domingo. 
Moreover, in January filed a complaint against her husband, singer urban music, Manuel Varet (Vakeró) by physical violence. 
Our advice for singers who are addicted to weeds and want to attend a music contect is to get treatment first. Or else, you’ll get in trouble. For weed addition treatment, please refer to how to stop smoking weed using Brookbankproductions.


What singer’s hair was dyed green in the contest?

The changes are a constant look at the art scene. Now it was the turn of one of the singers of the moment decided to stop by the salon to change your hair color.

Katy Perry chose the green to give a special touch to your hair.The Roar interpreter had already predicted that wanted to try this new hue.

The ex John Mayer decided to share her new look through his Instagram account. 

In the shared image by Katy own through Instagram, covered much of her face to show the new style.

E! News / Katy Perry admitted that he knew what feminism

These weeks have been changes for the star who is his recent breakup with John Mayer even has been undergoing hypnotherapy to overcome it?

? Katy remained depressed when they broke. They had talked about marriage and she believed he had changed. But Katy believes in the power of alternative therapies for what you want, through hypnotherapy, forget it forever. Want your brain does not accept return of John. Want to stop considering appealing?, A source told the British edition of Grazia magazine.

The popular singer, who was previously married to Russell Brand-had already experienced two previous breaks, but this time is determined not to resume his story with him.

E! News / Katy Perry threatens to give a beating to Miley Cyrus

In a conversation with E! News, Perry had said his decision to this change, Slime green dyed hair?

? Because I wanted to try this color for a long time?, Told us at an event at the Museum of Contemporary Art presented by Louis Vuitton. ? The spring is coming and I think it’s time refresar my look?.

But that’s not all they have in mind?

It has also decided he wants to pursue a new hobby with the help of the curator Marc Selwyn.

? Slowly I turn into a collector of art?, Perry confessed to E!News. ? Today conducted a search of art. Went to see some private collections in the homes of some people and then we went to other galleries?.

Additionally, Perry had the hairstyle of Unique quinceanera hairstyles in the contest.
Enough jobs to spend their hard relationship status, and well, some say that green is the color of hope.

Another changed her hair to a colorful tone was Kristen Stewart, who released a striking orange.

The magic of music is that the listener’s body is sculpted by the vibrations of the voice

What differentiates a singer , good voice of the poor? According to London Magician Alan Hudson, good voice allows the body of the listener to have enjoyable resonances.Play sing the other is to vibrate with it. The listener is left to vibrate from the outside air.

If the hearing of a good singer makes us euphoric, it is because he communicates his own posture we breathe more broadly, our face flourishes.

Every man is like a musical instrument with its own qualities. The skull, chest, larynx, thorax and all bony body come in.

 Update: How music helps your brain

Music is magical. A good song can propel us to our seat to the dance floor and help us to relax and recharge our batteries. A particular song can take us back to the past, allowing us to tap into our emotions deep or make us dream. And although researchers have long been studying how music interacts with the human mind, one thing seems clear: the music awakens our brain so mysterious and complex.

How the brain he treats music


In his book, This Is Your Brain On Music , Professor Daniel J. Levitin writes that “musical activity applies to almost all regions of the brain that we know almost all the neural subsystem . “This means that if you scratch a melody on your guitar or listening to a symphony orchestra, almost all of your brain is deeply engaged in the process. In fact, it complicates the understanding of the effects of music on the brain is that there is not a single music center. As the understanding of language, music is treated in different ways: for example, a part of our brain decodes the tone and tempo while other parts such as memory and emotion are put to use. If you play an instrument, your brain also needs to understand what to do with your hands while another part is used to read the notes in the score. “I think there is enough evidence to say that music has beneficial powers of the brain,” says Dr. Lola Cuddy, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychology at Queen’s University. “But we must be very careful.” She says there has been a lot of sensational claims about music that were later discredited because they have never been scientifically proven (think, for example, to “The Mozart effect”, suggesting that listening to Mozart’s music can make someone more intelligent).


As emphasized Dr. Cuddy, there are signs that children who take music lessons do better certain types of tests, particularly those of reading and concentration . “Yes, it may be music lessons to sharpen these skills. If you want your child to be better in reading or math, you’d better get help in these areas, but there is some evidence that learning music is beneficial. “She said. She added that a research showing that people who received musical training better develop their auditory skills. “For example, they seem to better decode speech in a noisy environment.”

Music, alienation and rehabilitation


Interestingly, the music can also play an important role in the rehabilitation of brain and motor skills . Some studies show that because the music and the area of motion control share neural circuits, music can help improve movement in patients withParkinson’s disease , or those who have lost mobility due a stroke, and in patients who have problems with cognition or language.


Research Lola Cuddy, who enjoys using the Grammy Foundation and the Alzheimer Society of Canada, are geared towards patients who suffer from insanity. “We found that many of our patients’ s Alzheimer seem to retain the ability to recognize the music , “she says, referring to a patient who sings familiar tunes, even if it does not recognize family members and is unable to care for herself. “This is very encouraging, because it shows that we can not just use music to enrich the quality of life for patients, but we can also use it to help caregivers communicate with their patients. They can sing together, or use music to access the memories. “


Dr. Cuddy believes that if they can understand why some parts of the brain are spared when dementia sets in, they will help guide future research. “We have a better understanding of why some areas are protected while others are affected,” she hopes.

Why listening to music is good for you


Ultimately, what we know about the brain is only the tip of a much more complex iceberg. “There are so many elements in the music and networks are distributed throughout the brain,” says Dr. Cuddy. In other words, listening to music requires a huge complicated network, which proves to be an advantage when it comes to keeping the brain healthy for life .


Whether or not tangible evidence that it can make more intelligent, it is clear that listening to music can lift morale and help them relax, lowering blood pressure and relieve muscle tension . ”Music has many Top Bodybuilding Techniques,” says Dr. Cuddy. At the end of the day, music is fun and it is something you can enjoy for a lifetime. ”If you listen to music sooner or later in your life, it is likely that you will never forget. People may fear losing their memories, but we can almost say that the music will probably remain in your memory , “says Lola Cuddy.

Appetizers and Tea for a Healthy Me

Many of us are very conscious about our health. Having a healthy lifestyle is one of the suggestions to get one. And some of us are taking supplements to maintain our wellbeing and taking a couple or more cups of tea is one of them.

Since green tea has been discovered for more than 5000 years by Emperor Shen Hung of China, the benefits of drinking tea have made known throughout the world.

Here are the advantages of a daily TEA intake:

ANTIOXIDANT – Nobody wants to get old faster right? Due to polluted nature and chemicals that enters our body, antioxidant is in demand. Green tea can clear out the pollutants within our body when taken daily. It acts like shield from damaging contaminant that promotes ageing.

CAN LOWER THE RISK OF STROKE AND HEARTH ATTACK – For many years of study from the Netherlands, those who take 2 to 3 cups of tea daily may reduce 70 per cent risk of heart attack. The cleansing ability of the tea to decongest the arteries promotes blood to flow smoothly. Well of course, you need to exercise too for good blood circulation.


The antioxidant called polyphenols acts as protector from various cancers. The daily intake of tea may reduce the risk of developing cancer cells within our body.


Losing weight is difficult, right! Slow metabolism is to be blamed. Of course tea can help dissolve the fats from food that we eat. If you happened to eat in Chinese restaurant; every diner are serve with tea. Because of the oiliness of the Chinese food, drinking tea after eating breaks down the excessive oil that could harm our body. Drinking this in combination with low fat recipes and healthy horderves ideas will set you on the right track to weight loss.


Green tea has polyphenols. A new study shows that this compound found in green tea can help protect the bone health as well as muscle strength in ageing women. Pre-menopausal women should start taking green tea to improve the bone mass from deteriorating.


Almost all of the food has calorie but not the tea. It does not contain any calorie unless you put something on it like sugar or other sweeteners. Next time if you are looking for a beverage that is healthy, consider tea on your list. Again, the tea will wonder alone, help yourself and don’t forget to exercise; a 15-20 minute walk daily will do.


Don’t you know that tea contains fluoride and tannins? These two chemical compounds are present in tea which can inhibit the plaque and bad odor of the mouth.


Stressed due to schedule? Well, take a cup of tea. The pure essence of this beverage lessens the tension of the muscles and clears out head. In addition, the aroma promotes peaceful mind.

These are only few benefits of tea. There are still many to discover; scientist are doing more research to find other benefits of tea. This wonderful gift of nature must be a part of our daily lives. Now, try putting the tea on your list for shopping and experience the healthier you!



iOS 7: access to watch when playing music

Many of us no longer use watch and use our phone as a substitute (This may change when the iwatch price announced). For the iPhone, if you’re playing music, iOS 7 game shows you the album cover on the home screen and not the nice big clock which is very convenient for those who have eye strain, so know what time it is is an ordeal.

Well, there’s a little trick: when you’re on the home screen with the album cover on the front page, returns to give a brief touch the start button to disappear controls iTunes and then watch the big and comfortable to know what time it is though close not see a damn.

Investment in the music start-ups exceeded $ 600 million in 2012

You may have noticed, the music booming in 2012, particularly in the field of web, digital music requires. For some time now, there are countlessSpotify, Deezer, iTunes, MySpace, Google Music, Megavox, Daisy , and other services that continue to flourish on the web.

And for good reason, investment in startups musical field increased 34% in 2012 compared to 2011. Digitial Music News has published its reports on the financing of innovative companies and the music industry in 2012, these funds s ‘amounted to  $ 619.3 million .

And do not believe that only streaming services are concerned, as the largest investment returns in 2012   Sonos company has developed speakers without cables, which managed to raise $ 135-million fund. Deezer is not far behind with fundraising $ 130 million , ahead ofSpotify and its $ 100 million in the survey last month. A 3 they, these companies have attracted more than half of the investments made ​​in 2012. Good performance also forSoundCloud has raised $ 50 million earlier this year. It’s amazing how investment in music start-ups is more than gold IRA investing.

Below you can see a graph of the cumulative investment in 2012 (1), and the table containing all the major investments made ​​public, or confirmed by key stakeholders (business, investors …) (2). These documents are generated by Digital Music News .

The investment in start ups music has surpassed $ 600 million in 2012


Music scene in Houston Texas

Music and Houston have a bread butter relationship. Live music prevail the current music scene in Houston Texas. In seems that live music has become everybody’s choice in Houston. All the bars, music halls and clubs have always provided springboards for legions of musicians who come and perform live to regale the mob of Houston. You can find a number of places where you can enjoy an array of musicians playing live music.


Days are gone when hippies used to play music in the clubs and bars. Now the music scene is a more diversified one. Jazz, salsa, rap, metal are the new genres that rule the roost in the musical arena of Houston.


Here is the list of the hotspots that define the musical scene of Houston


Anderson Fair

This is the place where you get to see the Texas songwriters playing electric music live. This place gives permission to balladeers to perform their song in their style.


Amazonia Discotequet

This place is famous for night life enjoyments. Live music and DJ get the Houston moving all the way with night performances every week. Salsa-style dancing with live music itches your feet and hips as you join the live concerts in this music club.


Bayou music center

Started in the 90’s, the music center has hosted a great number of rock and stand up music event with renowned musicians of united sates of America. The most beautiful thing about this place is that it can make more than 1000 people groove at the same time.



Brasil is a place for all local musicians and DJ. This is the best coffeehouse and eatery of Houston. You can get to enjoy coffee and eatery at the same time enjoying the aroma of music.


Big top lounge

This is a perfect spot to lay your hair down as it hosts a number of new bands. You get to hear new genres here.


Music stores that provide you the music that grooves the current scene are abound.There are many iconic music stores that give you an opportunity to pick up records in order to keep a track on the current talents. Cactus music is a music store that sells music that pervades over the current music scene. On Weekends this store plays music to inform its customers about the recent music trends. You can listen to the music by visiting this store without spending a single penny from your pocket.

Music and Houston are inseparable. Lofts are super hot in Houston and very popular among musicians and creative types.


The music scene in Houston Texas always woos the music aficionados from all round the world.


Music of the Stone Age

Music is a construct of the human mind. You have likely emerged as a need to express their emotions, either alone or in the company of others, creating social bonds.

The pleasure that music almost always what we perceive as a refinement of the modern human. When we think of the man of the Stone Age (đá cẩm thạch), it comes to mind us incapable of appreciating gross individual aesthetic niceties.

In a recent archeological dig in caves in Germany that contain objects of this period, flutes were found. One is made from a vulture wing bone.Two others, were carved in mammoth ivory tusk.

The latter have a more complicated because you are drawing first made a longitudinal cut for hollowing out the tusk with stone tools such as đá ốp lát of vnashlar and then re-glue the two pieces.

The three flutes present four carefully made holes to fit the fingers of one hand.

Archaeologists made replica flutes to realize what her sound and found that they could obtain simple and tuneful melodies.

The carbon-14 dating indicates that drew about 35 000 years time that coincides with the arrival of the man at the center of Europe makes.

Surely the pleasure that music could be implicit in the human brain.


COLIN DRUCKER, René. , 2011.  400 Third Series of Small Dose of Science.  Mexico, rarara, Directorate General for the Promotion of Science, UNAM. 261 p.

* As part of the celebration of 10 years of the dose range of Science, Bits in Picture play each week one of the 400 doses given by Directorate General for the Promotion of Science at UNAM in its commemorative book.

The music, our great ally when exercising

I want to dedicate this space to music. Why? For the energy , the motivation and thefeeling it gives us in our daily lives. So we like to accompany many of our activities, such as work or exercise with music.

The music brings smiles, encouraging everyone, and in our case, it helps us get in shape: provides energy, stamina and desire to exercise. For this reason, it is important to have music at home because her exercise we will be even more entertaining.

Already have a selection of your favorite songs? I will propose to the Personal training in Siesta and Longboat Key believe ready to accompany training. A ready to run and perform cardio exercises to make your tables in the gym, Pilates exercises for fitness … for different types of training:)

What music motivates you when you exercise?

A printer that makes music


Frankly modern electronics allows all kinds of circuits. Who may have the ability to arm or ideas that can become specific devices, apart from collaborating in their communities with their efforts, clearly having fun with all this science of digital electronics. For example, MIDIDesaster, as he calls himself the creator of this idea, used an old dot matrix printer to make it compatible with MIDI tone generator.

To do this, use a ATMega8 and FPGA (both microcontrollers with different characteristics), which hit some parts of the circuit boards of the printer itself. The ATmega8 takes input from MIDI data and passes it to the FPGA controller while managing stepper motors printer for both sheet feeding to control the printer head.The FPGA is responsible for the PWM signals, which makes it possible to move the individual needles 24-pin head of the printer. This means that the print head can simultaneously play 21 notes! It is also able to use up to 16 MIDI channels, each with individual volume, pitch and speed of the notes. Truly amazing.

We can hear Eye of the Tiger , the subject of a film of the saga of Rocky and theme of Benny Hill.

MIDIDesaster has some examples of their musical printer in action, including the issue of Duke Nukem ,Hysteria by Muse and even the theme of Wallace and Gromit

Rihanna sues ex-accountants for millions in losses

NEW YORK. - Rihanna Thursday sued his former accountants in New York, who blamed the loss of tens of millions of dollars of his concert tours.

The lawsuit filed in federal court in Manhattan says that Quickbooks Online bookkeepers had poor record of your bills and not advised him to cut its expenses when his 2009 tour was losing money;besides the blame for an audit currently being conducted by Federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS for its acronym in English) to the statements of the singer.

Rihanna requested compensation for an unspecified amount of signature Berdon LLP, based in New York, and two counters. The company will not issue opinions for the moment, said a spokeswoman for Berdon.

The singer filed the suit under his real name, Robyn Fenty, and argued through his lawyers that the accused let him escape tens of millions of dollars in revenue when it launched four national and international tours over a period of five years.

In the case of the “Last Girl on Earth” 2009 tour learned that Rihanna had generated “significant losses” despite having considerable income. The defendants had bagged 22% of the total income of the tour while you Rihanna paid only 6%, depending on demand. The document adds that unusual accounting practices Berdon, like paying a percentage of the net income of the tour fee, which did not lead to “advise” Rihanna to reduce expenses or put in place appropriate financial controls.

The lawsuit also contends that the practice of paid commissions income is not regular in managing accounting and finance, besides this creates a conflict of interest.

The accounting firm was also marked by an IRS audit tax returns of the singer, whose lawyers claim she was forced to spend significant resources to correct errors resulting from the negligence of the counters.

According to the lawsuit, the singer hired accountants in 2005 when she was a 16 year old girl recently arrived from Barbados to start your career in the United States. Rihanna said on multiple occasions that missed their agreements, professional misconduct incurred and paid themselves excessive commissions, created financial institutions regardless of their effect on your taxes and could not document their income and expenses, nor implement a better estimation.

The lawsuit also accuses the company for the purchase of a new home that made the singer in 2009, he states that an officer responsible finance would have said that the concert tour was losing money and would not recommend purchasing such an expensive property then.

Last year Rihanna sued a real estate company in Los Angeles for the purchase of a house 6.9 million in 2009. The singer argued that it had serious structural defects that made uninhabitable.