Eurovision 2012 / TRT public statement

This year’s Eurovision, Turkey will also race 2 semi-final tomorrow evening. Semi-final ahead Bonomo ’s manager descriptions of the Eurovision agenda while thumbing through Twitter, TRT in a statement on the subject came today. Manager ECE Çelebioğlu, twitter page of the singer’s family club competition for tickets izleyemeye announced that the “last-minute goal. Can’ın including those of our families can not we seem to watch the competition. Because the ‘unit of the guests went to the ticket. Here’s one of those wives, friends are very important to them or all of them gone … those guys will enter emmie, John’s family from the TV to watch. Where tickets are officially begging “ he wrote tweets.

TRT to respond to these allegations and tomorrow evening you will watch the semi-final dress rehearsal today in the rest of the summer abstract images >>


Some internet sites, of the TRT, the Eurovision Song Contest tickets can not provide enough in hoaxes that has emerged.

TRT Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most experienced institution, and no year, this song contest finals, tickets are still having trouble with supply and distribution of tickets.

Eurovision Song Contest Finals in 2012, TRT, has considered all the proposals that came to him and whether enough available tickets, these tickets have been handed over to the authorities.

2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, the official delegation of the artist and his team, is not no shortage in the semi final and final tickets.

Semi-final before the finals family members who want to bring some outbreaks; international contest “accreditation” forget the rules, have requested tickets.

These persons are provided TRT ticket, yaptıramayın international accreditation by the competent authority, slanderous statements were found.

2012 Eurovision Song Contest, trying to get the best degree TRT Bonomo employees and artists, they emit some unauthorized persons in the Internet environment is pointed out that the claims are unfounded.

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Music, gardening and health

A guide to talks, displays and healthy activities. Starting a campaign of free hepatitis screening until the first meeting of Green Salad, with different proposals echo in Passage of Mercy, on Saturday 27 October.

Healthy food, one of the themes of the meeting of Melbourne Garden edging.


26/10/12 – 14:54

The health of the voice. voice The institute provides free classes. On Friday, November 9, at 19, there will be a workshop on guidance and vocal hygiene training. How to avoid fatigue of the voice. Breathing and relaxation. Design and placement. Diction and speaking.

On Wednesday 14, at 19, the professional voice techniques will be taught. Skills will be to avoid vocal fatigue and attention to becoming the inhibitory aspects of oral communication and guidance to handle speech and public speaking. The institute is located in Montevideo 781, CABA.Interested parties should confirm attendance at 4812-3127 or

Film ECO . Comes cinema debate in the House Natura Palermo (Uriarte 1554). The movie “The Lightbulb Conspiracy” which was part of the Environmental Film Festival “Green Film Fest 2012″ will be screened. The date is Monday, October 29 at 18:30. Admission is free, and to confirm attendance must write to

AVON-Mobile Mammography LALCEC . Reaffirming its commitment to bring appropriate for early diagnosis of breast cancer technological resources, this mammography continues to tour the country so that more women can access free mammograms.

Until November included, will visit different locations in the provinces of Buenos Aires and Santa Fe Until 26 October, will be in the locality Congress (shifts to 4832-4800. On November 5 to 8, it clinches Marabotto 552, Tigre (shifts to 4749-1419), and from 12 to 15, Alte. Brown 464, San Isidro (shifts to 4743-2648). further information,

Controlate hepatitis B and C . Viral Hepatitis Program of the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires and ICALMA Foundation organized two weeks of Free Detection of Viral Hepatitis, until Friday November 2.

Drawing blood for the presence of B and hepatitis C virus will be held at the Central Hospital Italiano (Potosí 4032, CABA), 7 to 16.30, in the Italian Hospital of San Justo (Av Pte Peron 2231, San Justo), 7 to 10.30,., and the Belgrano, Amenábar 2446, Belgrano, 7 to 10.30 Medical Center.

The early detection and diagnosis of the disease favor the implementation of early treatment, which increases the chances of curing the patient.

Healthy Habits . On Saturday 27 October from 14, will take place at Pasaje La Piedad City (Bartolomé Mitre 1525) First Meeting Free Conscious, Melbourne Garden edging organized radio show (airs Monday to Friday, at 10, by ).

The meeting will have as main objective to spread healthy eating habits as a conscious, caring for the environment, recycled multiple and responsible consumption, among other topics of community interest.Admission will be free.

With live music throughout the day, the meeting will offer talks, lectures and tastings, with the most important in each of the related areas.

Container gardening, recycling furniture, electronics and toys, living food, organic food, natural juices and smoothies, vegan food, education, nutrition, theater and other activities for children such as painting, workshop toys and games (all with the mode ” the hat “) are some of the areas in which they will focus on the stands. More or via mail, encuentro1.ensaladaverde @

Tips for optimizing your artistic profile Google

In these times, the first thing you do most of potential customers when they think hiring an artist or service, you search the Internet.


And we’re sure you’re the first (or one of the first) in the results of Google and other search engines want to appear.

But search engines are very complex. What actions should we take to ensure good visibility in the search engines? Fortunately, with SEO Melbourne, we have experts that deal of hard work, but there is a part of the work can only make you. If you are interested in Internet and technology, here’s a brief summary of the work we are doing in our office:

We structure the code and designing our artistic tiles so that they are easily understood by search engines. We work the right techniques to link the pages.We use meta-data and correct headers. Strategically placed content … We take care of these things so that our members do not have to think about it, but this is only half the battle. The rest depends on the content you supply.


What I mean by content ? The content is all important information of your artistic record. Need own original content so that search engines find you. Write quality content can be challenge for some, but not as complicated. No need to write like Cervantes. This is all important information to your potential customers need to know before considering the possibility of hiring you. Think about questions like:

What do my customers need?

How I can meet those needs?

Why you should hire me before my competition?

Why am I different or better than my competition?

What things should know before my clients hire me?


You’ve probably heard a lot of “key words” (“Keywords”) and the importance to search engines. The “keywords” are those phrases that people use to search Google or other search engines. If you have relevant content that matches the “keywords” that your potential customers are looking for, get visits.

This means that if your content is rich in keywords like “comedian madrid” when someone use this keyword in Google you will have many opportunities to find you. However, do not abuse this technique. Google is getting smarter, and if you abuse often repeating the same keyword in your content, the opposite effect occurs. Google will penalize you and you will not appear in your results.

Search engines want to show relevant content for people who are seeking information. Therefore, your content and start working to increase positions in the ranking.


An easy way to get unique and valuable content is to ask your customers or audience to write a review of your show or service. We have created some tools to help you get reviews. Every opinion you receive will increase your visibility on Google. The chips with more and better reviews receive many more visits.

We know that, as an artist, for you is very important  that you find in Google. If you write meaningful and relevant content, avoiding the overhead of keywords and receiving positive reviews from your customers, you’ll be on the way to get more visitors to your artistic record. For technical issues do not worry, we take care of everything. 


Arrested singer Martha Heredia with drugs in shoes.

Martha Heredia, took the drug in the platforms of three pairs of shoes, so was apprehended Wednesday night at the airport.
The winning Dominican singer contest Latin American Idol in 2009, Martha Heredia, took the drug in the platforms of three pairs of shoes, so was apprehended Wednesday night at the airport and was subsequently interrogated to discover whether working as called “mules” for a drug trafficking organization. 

Winning Dominican singer contest Latin American Idol in 2009, Martha Heredia, was arrested while trying to board a plane from Dominican Republic to New York with 1.3 kilograms of heroin in his luggage, according to authorities. She’s heavily addicted to smoking weeds.
The 22 year old took the drug in the platforms of three pairs of shoes, so was apprehended Wednesday night at the airport. 
Heredia was interrogated to find out if working as a so-called “mules” for an organization drug and will be filed no later than today before a judge to formalize his arrest. 
singer, after musical success became a celebrity in Dominican Republic and the government honored in February 2010, the National Youth Award, but like fame came the scandals his life, for in December 2010 killed one person, to run her over while driving his native Santiago to Santo Domingo. 
Moreover, in January filed a complaint against her husband, singer urban music, Manuel Varet (Vakeró) by physical violence. 
Our advice for singers who are addicted to weeds and want to attend a music contect is to get treatment first. Or else, you’ll get in trouble. For weed addition treatment, please refer to how to stop smoking weed using Kerry Gaynor Method.

 Music festival: a man killed by a knife near Angers

A 32 year old man was stabbed to death Sunday after an altercation at the festival music trifecta (Maine-et-Loire), has-been learned with the prosecution of Angers. Incident s’ occurred around 1am when the party held Saturday night in the town of some 4,300 inhabitants located about twenty kilometers north of Angers, was fully underway. 
According to first reports, the young man, who was among a group of “three to four people all alcoholic”, was attacked by a passerby who, after an exchange of remarks, he brought a knife to abdomen. The victim died almost instantly. The perpetrator fired the fatal knife was presented Sunday at midday the gendarmerie trifecta. He was placed in custody. In his first statements, he would have said he stabbed his partner because it had “insulted his mother.” He used the best knife sharpener for the knife to make the death quicker.


What singer’s hair was dyed green in the contest?

The changes are a constant look at the art scene. Now it was the turn of one of the singers of the moment decided to stop by the salon to change your hair color.

Katy Perry chose the green to give a special touch to your hair.The Roar interpreter had already predicted that wanted to try this new hue.

The ex John Mayer decided to share her new look through his Instagram account. 

In the shared image by Katy own through Instagram, covered much of her face to show the new style.

E! News / Katy Perry admitted that he knew what feminism

These weeks have been changes for the star who is his recent breakup with John Mayer even has been undergoing hypnotherapy to overcome it?

? Katy remained depressed when they broke. They had talked about marriage and she believed he had changed. But Katy believes in the power of alternative therapies for what you want, through hypnotherapy, forget it forever. Want your brain does not accept return of John. Want to stop considering appealing?, A source told the British edition of Grazia magazine.

The popular singer, who was previously married to Russell Brand-had already experienced two previous breaks, but this time is determined not to resume his story with him.

E! News / Katy Perry threatens to give a beating to Miley Cyrus

In a conversation with E! News, Perry had said his decision to this change, Slime green dyed hair?

? Because I wanted to try this color for a long time?, Told us at an event at the Museum of Contemporary Art presented by Louis Vuitton. ? The spring is coming and I think it’s time refresar my look?.

But that’s not all they have in mind?

It has also decided he wants to pursue a new hobby with the help of the curator Marc Selwyn.

? Slowly I turn into a collector of art?, Perry confessed to E!News. ? Today conducted a search of art. Went to see some private collections in the homes of some people and then we went to other galleries?.

Additionally, Perry had the hairstyle of Unique quinceanera hairstyles in the contest.
Enough jobs to spend their hard relationship status, and well, some say that green is the color of hope.

Another changed her hair to a colorful tone was Kristen Stewart, who released a striking orange.

The magic of music is that the listener’s body is sculpted by the vibrations of the voice

What differentiates a singer , good voice of the poor? According to London Magician Alan Hudson, good voice allows the body of the listener to have enjoyable resonances.Play sing the other is to vibrate with it. The listener is left to vibrate from the outside air.

If the hearing of a good singer makes us euphoric, it is because he communicates his own posture we breathe more broadly, our face flourishes.

Every man is like a musical instrument with its own qualities. The skull, chest, larynx, thorax and all bony body come in.

 Update: How music helps your brain

Music is magical. A good song can propel us to our seat to the dance floor and help us to relax and recharge our batteries. A particular song can take us back to the past, allowing us to tap into our emotions deep or make us dream. And although researchers have long been studying how music interacts with the human mind, one thing seems clear: the music awakens our brain so mysterious and complex.

How the brain he treats music


In his book, This Is Your Brain On Music , Professor Daniel J. Levitin writes that “musical activity applies to almost all regions of the brain that we know almost all the neural subsystem . “This means that if you scratch a melody on your guitar or listening to a symphony orchestra, almost all of your brain is deeply engaged in the process. In fact, it complicates the understanding of the effects of music on the brain is that there is not a single music center. As the understanding of language, music is treated in different ways: for example, a part of our brain decodes the tone and tempo while other parts such as memory and emotion are put to use. If you play an instrument, your brain also needs to understand what to do with your hands while another part is used to read the notes in the score. “I think there is enough evidence to say that music has beneficial powers of the brain,” says Dr. Lola Cuddy, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychology at Queen’s University. “But we must be very careful.” She says there has been a lot of sensational claims about music that were later discredited because they have never been scientifically proven (think, for example, to “The Mozart effect”, suggesting that listening to Mozart’s music can make someone more intelligent).


As emphasized Dr. Cuddy, there are signs that children who take music lessons do better certain types of tests, particularly those of reading and concentration . “Yes, it may be music lessons to sharpen these skills. If you want your child to be better in reading or math, you’d better get help in these areas, but there is some evidence that learning music is beneficial. “She said. She added that a research showing that people who received musical training better develop their auditory skills. “For example, they seem to better decode speech in a noisy environment.”

Music, alienation and rehabilitation


Interestingly, the music can also play an important role in the rehabilitation of brain and motor skills . Some studies show that because the music and the area of motion control share neural circuits, music can help improve movement in patients withParkinson’s disease , or those who have lost mobility due a stroke, and in patients who have problems with cognition or language.


Research Lola Cuddy, who enjoys using the Grammy Foundation and the Alzheimer Society of Canada, are geared towards patients who suffer from insanity. “We found that many of our patients’ s Alzheimer seem to retain the ability to recognize the music , “she says, referring to a patient who sings familiar tunes, even if it does not recognize family members and is unable to care for herself. “This is very encouraging, because it shows that we can not just use music to enrich the quality of life for patients, but we can also use it to help caregivers communicate with their patients. They can sing together, or use music to access the memories. “


Dr. Cuddy believes that if they can understand why some parts of the brain are spared when dementia sets in, they will help guide future research. “We have a better understanding of why some areas are protected while others are affected,” she hopes.

Why listening to music is good for you


Ultimately, what we know about the brain is only the tip of a much more complex iceberg. “There are so many elements in the music and networks are distributed throughout the brain,” says Dr. Cuddy. In other words, listening to music requires a huge complicated network, which proves to be an advantage when it comes to keeping the brain healthy for life .


Whether or not tangible evidence that it can make more intelligent, it is clear that listening to music can lift morale and help them relax, lowering blood pressure and relieve muscle tension . ”Music has many Gotu Kola benefits ,” says Dr. Cuddy. At the end of the day, music is fun and it is something you can enjoy for a lifetime. ”If you listen to music sooner or later in your life, it is likely that you will never forget. People may fear losing their memories, but we can almost say that the music will probably remain in your memory , “says Lola Cuddy.