Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions I have been asked in regards to the sensual massage experience. Please get in touch should you have any further questions not listed below and i will be happy to help anser them for you.

Can I see more intimate pictures of Serena.

To view more intimate images of Serena please register for free as an IM Xtra Member, [by clicking here], and go to the Uncensored Images section.

Can I read more details about the full content of massages

To to read the full description of the massages she gives please register for free as an IMXtra Member, [by clicking here], and go to the Uncensored Description section.

Can I take a shower?

If you have not showered within 1 hour before arriving for the appointment then you may to take a shower before receiving the massage. You are welcome to take another shower following the massage.

Are you naked for the massage?

I am a great believer in everything that is natural and being naked is very natural to me. So, yes, I am naked from the beginning of the massage.

Can I touch you during the massage?

I am comfortable with light touch to my own body while I work.

How sexual is the massage?

I do not provide oral or full service, so please be a respectful and do not ask for these services. Although there is no full service, you will be 100% satisfied with the experience.

Do you give home or hotel visits?

Out calls are sometimes possible for the 2 hands Gold Superior and 4 hands Platinum Superior Massages to hotels (4 or 5 star) only in the Central London (zone 1) area. I only consider making out calls to home residences when it is a request from a regular client or a client whom i have given a treatment to in the past. If you can not supply a massage bed then treatments are given on the hotel bed. The massage is full body to body but there is NO sexual service involved, please read the massage description on the About Page. Please make sure that the room is warm and provide some dry towels. Music, candles, oil and general ambiance I will provide my self.

* Please note I NEVER give treatments to more than one person at a time or to clients that I believe are under the influence of drugs or alcohol *

Procedure for Booking an Out Call

If you wish to make a booking, for reasons of security please send me via text your name under which you are booked, your room number and the name of your hotel, I will then call you at your hotel to discuss the details and confirm the address. Serenas Direct booking line 07539263966

Will you give special requests?

This depends on the nature of the request. I am happy to focus on certain physical aspects within the massage i.e. a particular part of the body or help with a sexual performance issue but I do not fulfil any fantasy roles or wear any special clothing.

How do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment please complete the appointment form on the Contact Page

Alternativley, call me on my direct booking line 07539263966  for a more immediate response

When booking I would be grateful if you could provide me with some information about yourself stating which massage you would like, your expectations for the massage and any past experience.

How much is a massage?

There are different pricing options. To find out how much the massages cost [click here]